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Safe Hookah Coal Extinguishing (or) Put Out That Light!!!

"The trashcan's on fire again." a coworker casually informed me, hardly looking up from his computer screen as the smell of burning paper wrestled with the lingering scent of shisha smoke in the small office. It was my fault, and from the nonplussed reaction, you may assume it wasn't the first time. Moral of the story? Make sure your coals are FULLY extinguished before dumping out the ash from the tray. Though the overlooked ember was only slightly larger than a pea, it was enough to catch the contents of the can aflame. When you've smoked your hookah to satisfaction, it may be a good idea to shift the ashes in the tray around making sure there are no pieces of glowing coal smoldering beneath the gray drifts of spent coal. Should any ignited bits of coal remain, you can extinguish them quickly by dropping them in water. This may take some forethought, as the coals will instantly dissolve in a capitulatory hiss, clouding the clear water into a dirty black muck. Some have reported success with disposing of live coals by flushing them down a toilet. Whatever you do though, please be sure to fully extinguish your hookah charcoal. As of yet, we haven't heard of any news stories of houses burning down from hookah charcoal, so please don't be the first we hear about.

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  • Nan
    Do not put a left over coal that is still burning in a glass ash tray!!! It will break your ash tray from the intense heat. This has happend to me twice with pretty thick glass ash trays. i didn't think it could do that but it can and will! Now a days i go over to the stainless steel sink and just drop in the coal with the tongs and let water run on it.
  • Yea, seriously watch the hookah ash trays, especially if you don't use natural coals which tend to die out faster, and if you let your ash tray build up,  I have a nice sized hole at the bottom of my trash can...
  • I always use the toilet, just to be sure Tong
    or snow, if you have that available ^^
  • I've always had a glass of water waiting for us at the end. Just toss the last of your coal in there or brush it off the foil into the cup. It'll sizzle and then go black, but it's the easiest way! I just pour it down the sink and I'm done.
  • One time my friend put one too many coco naras on the stove top... When I informed him, he took one off and put it on a ceramic plate next to the stove... About an hour later when we were packing a fresh bowl we smelled a burnt sensations, only to discover that the coal was hot enough to conduct heat through the plate and onto the counter... The plate was fine, the counter, burnt to a crisp! Big burn hole where the coal was.... bummer!
  • Burned a hole through the plastic shelf on the side of my roommate's barbecue grill. On the other hand, our smoking area has a coffee can for cigarette butts that will easily accommodate leftover coals.

    If you're smoking outside, a metal coffee can weighted with gravel and/or sand makes a fine receptacle for coals and ashes.