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What's the best way to clean my hookah?

For the base, you can use warm water and a gentle dish soap. Wash your hookah regularly, using the appropriate brushes inside the shaft and base. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners of polishers on your hookah, and rinse thoroughly after each cleaning. There are some cleaning solutions designed specifically for cleaning things like hookahs, we recommend Bling cleaning solution. Except for the Nammor and Washable hoses on our page, no hoses are guaranteed washable and we don't advise running water through them.

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  • I found it best to clean my hookah after every use. It's like cooking food, if you leave the mess out it will be twice as hard to clean later. I first wash out the bowl to cleanse of any molasses or leftover shisha. I then dump the water out of the bowl and pour hot water through it. I have learned through past lesson that you can stain the inside of your bowl and leave a ring like one you would see on your disgusting friends toilet. The molasses that goes down the stem mixes with the water and changes the color. Not only does immediately washing it keep your hookahs bling it also prevents the bowl from having a past shisha smell which gives longevity to more pure smoking sessions. Finally I move to the stem. Great thing is when you buy any hookah here they give you everything you need, including the cleaning brushes. Use the long skinny one and hot water to loosen unwanted mollases that drips down. You will tell the difference after a good cleaning and keeping up on it will please you and your friends. The thickness of the smoke and the taste matter the most to me. And cleaning it frequently ensure both.
  • wow, thanks nathan. that sure helps me! I always have the problem with the old shisha smell that is hard to get rid of. i hate cleaning it out after smoking b/c it is a hassle! But if it means a better smoke, it's probably worth it! THANKS for your advice!
  • I clean my hookah after every smoke, but I use a mix of lemon and baking soda. I usualy put a good ammount of baking soda in the base, then pour some lemon juice on it. It'll bubble and fuzz up, put your hand over it really quick (keeps the gas created inside of it) and shake it. Let out gas as you need to (it will get out when it wants).
    I do the same (basicaly) with the stem. Then I run the brush through... Of course after all of this a good rinse with hot water and we're done! Good and clean... No soap residue or cleaner taste or smell... Just a bit of lemon if you don't rinse it good enough.
  • what about cleaning the hoses i dont have any fancy pipe cleaners so does anybody have any suggestions short of me breaking down and buying some
  • I smoke once or twice a day so cleaning my hookah after every use is too time consuming.  What I do is when my tray is full from ash, I empty and clean the whole hookah.  I found a dish brush at a local store that works wonders on the base, combine that with lemon juice is great.  Same for the stem.  Also I have a Nammor hose.  It is the absolute best.  If I haven't stated enough, lemon juice is your friend.  Then occasionally, about once a month I use a vinegar/water solution to soak the stem, base, and head.  This removes left over flavor so you have a nice clean taste.  I am not sure if any of this is frown upon and might damage the hookah, but have been doing it for years and never had a problem.  Happy Smoking!
    Also....Buy lots of lemon juice!
  • I use gun cleaning brushes on my stems along with lemon juice, baking soda, and sometimes if it's really nasty I use vinegar.  Then rinse it clean with water.

    In the past I've used CLR to clean stems and bowls that have been left to sit; but you have to make sure rinse it clean so there's no leftover residue.