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Leila, You've Got Me On My Knees!

Out of all the Specialty Hookahs we carry in our store, none have received as much positive reviews as the ultra-portable Leila Portable hookah. This famous Swedish import is a hit, and is sold exclusively here at hookah-shisha.com!

Want to make your portable Leila hookah even more portable? Be creative! As this picture shows, one of our hookah-shisha.com employees fashioned a homemade shoulder harness made out of an old woven belt to his Leila Hookah. He took this to an outdoor music festival and was amazed by how popular he became, as people were stopping and chatting with him, inquiring about this mysterious device. Some even asked to take pictures with him and his futuristic-looking hookah! Don’t have any woven belts available? Put on your MacGyver thinking cap and make one out of an old backpack. Other ideas for harnesses include nylon rope, Velcro straps, heck, even duct tape if you’re feeling extra-ingenious!

Just make sure to take caution with how you make your Leila holster, as while the coal is encapsulated within the unit, the top grate can get very hot!

The possibilities of this radical concept of hookah smoking are practically endless. Here are a few more uses for the Leila Hookah that will make you the envy of your friends: -Road Trip! Since the Leila hookah fits in most cars' cup holders, this is the perfect accessory to cure the boredom of long hours spent on the road with your buddies. Make sure that it's a passenger, not the driver that carefully lights the Quick-Lighting Hookah Coals and be sure the windows are down when you do this. Place the coal on the bowl, screw on the metal top and enjoy the drive like a New Bohemian Jack Kerouac. -For our college student friends - take the Leila hookah to your next college party and voila! You've got a magical mini-keg of fruit-flavored delight that will be the hit of the party. While everyone else has their red Dixie cups filled with Coors Light, you'll be the one truly holding the "silver bullet."

To quote the famous Derek and the Domino's song:

"What'll you do when you get lonely, and nobody's waitin' by your side?"

Lei - La! You've got me on my knees!

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  • That thing is so sick. I went to a music festival two weeks ago and was yearning for some good ol' hookah, but, unfortunately, there was not enough space to bring it with us. That hookah wouldve been PERFECT. AND it has the same name as me. Meant to be.