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Hookah Worst Case Scenario: No fire!

Let's take a look at Hookah Worst Case Scenario #2. You've got a delicious bowl of Strawberry Romman shisha packed and ready to go (you actually have a bowl this time!). You've got the quick-light coals held with your tongs in hand, and now all to do is to light them...

...Now what did I do with my lighter. Pants pockets? Negative. Dang! I let Steve use it last night and that bozo never gave it back. A quick search for matches comes up empty. And as luck would have it, I'm miles from a stove. How can I be without fire, the maiden invention of Mankind?

We wouldn't be writing about this if it didn't actually happen, last week as a matter of fact. Luckily, we had 2 things going for us at that particular time: Daylight hours and a bespectacled employee. Drawing back from the survival techniques we learned in Boy Scouts (ok that's a lie. Drawing back from the days we used to burn ants with a magnifying glass) we remembered that concave lenses can act as a concentrator of the suns rays for heating purposes. A couple minutes of delicate solar positioning in the parking lot with our lone coal yielded our desired result: Fire!

As you can see our friend Helios, together with a near-sighted companion, came through to save the day. Granted this trick won't work at night, but if all else fails there's always the tried and true "rub two sticks together" method. Fire good!

...ok, maybe fire isn't good for everyone...

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  • Welp, i too, also find myself with a loss of fire due to friends stealing/borrowing lighters. when all else fails, just bring the ash catcher from the hookah next to the stove, light up that coal wit the tongs, set the coal in the ash catcher, and Vwala! a charcoal lite in no time, with a safe way to carry it, as not to drop it on the carpet. One other time i did have a lighter, and it was during winter, my buddy and i were hookahing in my car(cant do it in our houses, and it is unpleasantly snowing outside). Hahahaa, hookahing in a car is so great, cuzz u can fill up the entire interior wit smoke, and we had this really cool lightbeam strobe light, and we were able to see all the different color beams like in a dance club! So anyway, i had some natural coals, so i took a empty coffee can can, punched large holes in the bottom, and filled it half way wit some newspaper.i just lite the paper through the holes in the bottom of the can, then the paper caught fire, i then dropped some sliced in half starlight natural coals. and put more paper on top. it was windy so i had to half way cover the top of the can wit a brick. after adding a bit more paper, and about 6 minutes of burning, the natural coals were lite! so i took one half a coal put it on the hookah in the car, and left the can out side the car (hidden from the wind). Good hookah fun for many hours!
  • While I have MacGyvered quite a few bowls and grommets when the need was great, the worst/best solution I ever came up with was when our beautifully packed bowl lacked fire AND coals. How do you smoke a hookah without coals, you might ask (apart from being that desperate)? You make em yerself, a'course! Yup. We did that. We constructed a hobo fire in the backyard inside of an old coffee can and stuck the ends of a few long sticks down into the fire. When the can-end of the stick was red hot, we'd grab the non-fire end and hold it on top of the bowl. It was almost like roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately, the brush we used as kindling wouldn't stay lit, so, being geniuses, we squirted lighter fluid into the can to keep the fire going. Let me tell you, lighter fluid-infused hookah is not the most pleasant thing. The mission didn't last long after that. We promptly gave up. The next day, my throat felt like I had drunk napalm. The whole ordeal was a learning experience: you CAN use partially burned sticks to light your hookah, but keep the kerosene away from the extremely desperate enthusiast.