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Special Guest Blog Author: "Support Your Local Hookah Bar!"

Howdy Hookah Lovers!

Hookah-shisha.com presents our second guest blog author and finalist in our blog contest. Kyle Johnson from Virginia tells us to "Support your Local Hookah Bar." And why shouldn't you? Take it away Kyle!

As a frequent hookah smoker myself, I was greatly encouraged to visit www.hookah-shisha.com. I was first introduced to hookah smoking 2 years ago on a trip to Cuchara, Colorado. It is a very small town on the southeastern end of Colorado. The guy who introduced me gladly shared his knowledge of hookah smoking with me. He said that he obtains all of his hookah essentials from his local provider, www.Hookah-shisha.com.

The reason I am writing this love blog is for a local hookah bar/pizza parlor near me. They are know as King's Cafe, or more commonly, Pizza King. Pizza King is located in Dumfries, Virginia, right outside the largest outlet mall on the east coast, Potomac Mills. Ish, the owner and operator, is a Moroccan immigrant. The cafe has been in his family for many years. They serve to all sorts of clients, ranging from 18 to the elderly. The staff is just as welcoming to everyone. Today, i was driving by Pizza King and saw one of my friends walking in. I gladly made the extra stop for a hookah. We enjoyed one of the many delicious combinations. Their specialty being a soft, cooling mixture of Al Fakher Jasmine, mint and a hint of watermelon. This mixture has grown to be my favorite. Pizza King is an overall welcoming place and sticks to its' Moroccan roots with cultural paintings, as well as music. Kabobs and other Middle Eastern foods are offered and are greatly recommended.

I know that this is just one hookah bar however, I can only imagine the glories of others nationally, as well as worldwide. I highly recommend those who love hookah to go out and share your love with those of the same intent. Hookah bars are a great place to meet people and bring friends. Share and pass on the love of hookah smoking to all of your friends and go out and support your local hookah bar!

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  • I wish I could confirm that.
    If a hookah-bar owner in Antwerp (Belgium) reads this, please contact me.
    I haven't found any place that serves hookahs.
  • This is in virginia. i don't know if there is something similar in belgium. sorry for the confusion.
  • Tim
    There are many hookah cafe's and restaurants in northern Virginia.  A few in Adams Morgan of DC, sevral in the Skyline area of Alexandria (off George Mason near Seminary Rd.), Georgetown(DC), and there's a good one in Herndon, near my home.  The one in Herndon is called Sphynx, is Egyptian in decor, and serves good kabobs and food.

    I have been frequenting the local hookah cafe's in Northern VA since 1996, one in particular, Oasis, which, unfortunatley, closed its doors a year ago.  For me that was a sad moment, but I found other places to go.  All around, Northern VA and the DC area is a great place to find hookha establishments.  There is even one in the mountainous area in Blacksburg!

    Other palces that I have enjoyed hookah/nargile outside of the middle east, includes Las Vegas (nice hookah lounges there), Miami, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Japan, Pakistan, and India, and I think in Germany too, but I can't remember that well. Smile

    Keep on smokin'!
  • HI guys - can someone tell me where I can find a hooka lounge in Sao Paulo?