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Hookah Olympics medal winners!

The results are in from our Hookah Olympics Youtube contest! We had a lot of fun watching the videos and we thank everyone who participated. Without further ado, here are our medal winners: Gold Medal winner: Water Games! A lot of effort went into this aquatic-themed hookah Olympic video, and our judges unanimously gave it a perfect score all around. Michael Phelps, eat your heart out! Overall score: 5.0 Silver Medal winner: Smoke ring target shooting! Our silver medalist is quite the smoke ring sharp-shooter! Overall score: 4.3 Bronze Medal winner: Hookah Marathon! The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt took home the gold this year for running 100 meters in a record-breaking 9.69 seconds. Well guess what? Big deal. This guy takes 100 hookah hits in less than 6 minutes. Beat that Usain! Overall score: 4.0 (bonus points awarded for not passing out) Runners-up: Record-setting bubble blowing! Smoke Ring Skeet Shooting! We're not exactly sure what's going on in these videos, but it looks like they had fun making it! part 1: Part 2: part 3:

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  • [...] Update – Hookah Olympics Medal Winners Announced!! 8/25/08 ~ It was a great competition and there were some very creative entries. We thank all the contestants for their participation. Keep checking back as we’ll be posting any updates to this contest here on this page.  Make sure to check out all the Hookah Olympics submissions; the contestants put in some hard work making these videos. [...]