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Hookah tip #235 - The "Poor Man's Chiller"

Howdy Hookah fans, We received this tip from a customer a while back, and it's just so gosh-darn innovative that we had to share it with you.
The Economy has seen better days, people.  Banks are failing, the stock market is taking a bath, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.  That doesn't mean you can't stay in and enjoy an extra-cool hookah session with your friends - on the cheap!
That's right, for less than $10 you can make yourself a "Poor Man's Chiller."  The materials?  A Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice.  Two things that can be picked up from your neighborhood convenience store.  The setup is pretty simple:
1.  Place your hookah base in the center of the cooler and fill with ice.   Wipe hands on pants.
2.  With a knife (or very sharp rock), cut a hole in the center of the lid.  Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the shaft in.  That's what she said.
3.  Place the lid back on the cooler.  Attach the shaft to the base.  Smoke.  Enjoy!
Stay tuned for other money-saving hookah techniques, including "how make a hookah bowl out of an apple" and "how to get free money from the United States Government*"
*just kidding.

Comments (4) -

  • lolllll i was reading this all serious and then...thats what she said...hahaha too high. but for real i will try this out.
  • I like this idea i'll have to try it out
  • I did this with a friend. We used a "real" cooler though, but even so, with one bag of ice from the convience store we were allowed to enjoy sub-zero smoke all night long... (I mean it... from like 9pm to about 7am....)