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Sultan Mix-a-lot: popular shisha mixes and flavor blends

Blends! I like big bowls, and I cannot lie. You other smokers can't deny when you sit down to a bowl with big taste, and clouds of smoke before your face, you get sprung. While single flavor bowls are fine for pedestrian smokers, the more adventurous like to mix it up by combining flavors of shisha for a virtually unlimited number of personalized custom blends.
Many customers ask us daily about popular mixes, and many more submit their own. In this latest HookahLove blog, we've gathered some of our personal favorites and some customer created blends to get you started.
  • Red Baron: 1/3 Cinnamon, 1/3 Licorice, 1/3 Mint blended together
  • Bahraini Apple Blossom: 1/2 Al Fakher's Golden Bahraini Apple, 1/2 Romman Vanilla, blended together
  • Cinnamon Roll: 1/2 Cinnamon, 1/2 Vanilla, blended together
  • "Power Puff": 1/2 Pomegranate, 1/2 Peach (Sent to us by Andrew)
  • Orange Mocha Frappucino: 1/2 Orange, 1/2 Frappuccino (Sent to us by Rob)
  • Peachberry: 1/2 Raspberry, 1/2 Peach, blended (Try it with wine and citrus fruit peel in the base!)
  • Dr. Pepper: 1/2 Plum, 1/2 Cola, blended together
  • Clint's Mix: 1/3 Cherry, 1/3 Vanilla, blended on a layer of 1/3 Mint at the bottom (Sent to us by Clint)
  • Strawberry Chocolate Cake: Layer Strawberry on top, chocolate in the middle, and Cinnamon on bottom
  • These 'flava flavs' won't be anyone's enemy - have a specifically succulent synthesis of shisha to share? Send it in, or post it as a comment to this blog!


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    • "DJ Prototype Remix"- 1/4 Magarita, 1/4 Sex On The Beach, 1/4 Tequila Sunrise, 1/4 Mint
    • my holiday blend...

      1/3 double apple, 1/3 pistachio, 1/3 mint.

      in the base use mulled apple cider w cinnamon or martinelli's sparkling cider.
    • ***Snowcone Sunrise***
      20% cherry
      40% pineapple
      40% orange
    • Ironman: 50% hawiian mist
               50% watermelon
    • ben
      I enjoy a Jasmine, Rose, Mint combination... I usually do about equal parts of Jasmine and Rose, and just a little bit of mint for that cool, fresh flavor. Some people find the mint flavor to be really overwhelming, so I recommend playing around with it and seeing what works best for you. Enjoy!
    • Dont know what i should call it, but try to mix orange and mint shisha 50-50. It's the best mix, I've ever tried Smile
    • The BEST flavour iss
      AND MINT!!!

    • I mixed SB BlueberryGrape with Al Waha Apricot, do about 50/50= BlueberryGrapricot. Laughing
    • Haha the best is rose mint. ITS THE SEX.love this site, helps me with my shisha difficulties
    • I really like 1/2 Pomegranate and 1/2 Blue Mist. I don't have a name for it, but maybe we can call it Blue Pomegranate?

      Also, another good one is 1/2 Wild Berry and 1/2 Grape. I call it Wild Berry Red Grape because when you mix it, it turns into a heavy red color.

      You could also try 1/3 apple, 1/3 vanilla, and 1/3 spiced chai for a flavor that tastes kind of like an iced apple chai latte that you can get from Starbucks.
    • Ok i recommend..

      1)Double Apple+Cola+Mint
      3)Double Apple+Red-grape+Mint
      5)Banana+Bubble Gum+Mint
    • The best mix I have EVER tried is starbuzz pink and blue mist.  50-50.  It even better if you put half of pink on one side of the bowl and half of the blue mist on the other side.  If you put the coal in the middle, you can switch between the two flavors so it seems like you're smoking three different flavors at once!
    • The Freaky Smurf Mix

      30% Safri melon dew and 70% blue mist. It's great if u do it right put the blue mist on top and the safri on the bottom and water of course in the base. Enjoy
    • The Freaky Smurf Mix

      30% of safari melon dew on the bottom of the bowl and 75% blue mist on the top of the bowl. Remember a lot of small holes are better than a couple big holes.
    • zac
      reese's puffs = 1/2 graham crackers + 1/2 peanut butter mixed
      strawberry banana split = 1/3 strawberry + 1/3 banana + 1/3 vanilla
      creamsicle = 1/2 orange + 1/2 mint
      mountain dew = 1/2 lemonade + 1/2 key lime pie
      pink lemonade = 1/2 (hookah-hookah) strawberry + 1/2 lemonade
    • all molasses were branded "al fakher"

      Nirvana : 60% strawberry + 40% Mint

      Judas : 40% strawberry + 40% orange + 20% mint

      Lemonas : 70% Lemon + 30% Mint ....peel thin slices of lemon skin or scrap it over the flavor and mix it well.. use some lemon flavored cold beverage in the bowl with lotts of ice.

      Its so Berry : 30% cherry + 30 % strawberry + 20% berry + 20% mint.
    • Jay
      starburst-1/3 apricot, 1/3 double apple, 1/3 guava
      (all Al Fakher flavors)
    • 1 part honey & 2 parts lemon is killer

      2 parts Rose on bottom + 1 part Cosmo Power in middle + 1 part Jasmine on top = AWESOME. The Cosmo Power adds just enough sweet without masking the great floral flavor.
    • Cj
      *** Ace of Peaches***

      1/2 Starbuzz Exotic Irish Peach
      1/2 Fantasia Ace of spades (mint)
    • Gun Smoke :
      Honey + Cardamon + Mint
    • Pan Rasna + Peach + Cardamon + Mint.
    • This one is complicated but the flavor is amazing and totally worth it.
      Make a mix of Al Fahker mint, cinnamon, and vanilla, each 1/3 of the mix (a great mix in its own)
      Now do 50% of the cinnamon vanilla mint mix above
      20% Starbuzz's Irish peach
      20% citrus mint (starbuzz one is better, fumari's is a bit more bitter)
      10% spiced chai (fumari's)
      This mix is called Christmas Cookies and it's amazing. Totally worth all the effort it is to mix
    • 1/2 Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita
      1/2 Starbuzz Queen of Sex
      and I just mix mint into most things lol
    • 50%Paan
      50%Paan mist
      it's amazing
      (n in the base use milk to increase the smoke thickness)