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The Great Pumpkin Hookah

Great pumpkin hookah Now that we’ve transitioned from the season of “Trick’or’treat” to the season of “treat and more treat”, we’re looking forward to spreading the HookahLove and cheer with our fellow smokers worldwide. In the spirit of the season, Clinton sends us pictures of an ingenious seasonal smoking device.
While we have worst case hookah scenarios with alternatives to bowls, scallis, and lighters, what can you do if you need a base and have only a surplus of orange, gourd-like squashes of the Cucurbita genus traditionally associated with American autumns? Hollow out one of those pumpkins and use it for a base! Here are the pictures of Clinton and friends with a genuine Pumpkin base for his Obelisk: Clinton's pumpkin-hookah (or "hoompkin"? "pumpkah"?) is the perfect match for Starbuzz's Pumpkin Pie or Fantasia's Pumpkin Spice shishas, both holiday favorites.  Stay warm, stay cheery - curl up in front of a roaring hookah this fall and winter with us here at Hookah-Shisha.com. As always, happy smokin'!!

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  • thats pretty sweet! reminds me of something...did you know that first recorded hookah was actually made out of coconut?!
  • is that a makeshift windcover over the coals or what? looks strange