Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco - Now Available in 100g Tins

Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco 100g is happy to announce that we now carry Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco in 100g sizes.   The same Starbuzz quality and taste can now be found in sample-sized mini-tins!  This is a great way to try new flavors of Starbuzz without breaking your budget.  All of the popular flavors are represented including Blue Mist, Strawberry Margarita, Sex on the Beach, and over 70 others to choose from.  Happy Smoking!

Comments (2) -

  • Seeing this made my day. I've never had starbuzz and wanted to try it but didn't want to buy a big container of it and not like it, glad you started carrying this size.
  • Good call on carrying these! It will make flavor exploration a lot more affordable! Smile