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The "Flower Pot" Hookah - Egyptian Quality Hookah with a Unique Base

Flower Pot Hookah

Here's another unique piece direct from Egypt - we call this the "Flower Pot" hookah and as you can see it's not your average hookah setup - Instead of a traditional glass or acrylic base, the water chamber is made of solid, tarnish-resistant metal and is supported by a wrought iron stand.   Indoor garden fixture?  Centerpiece for your patio table?  Fully functioning hookah?  All of the above!  Since you can't see the water level, we'll save you the guesswork - 2 cups of water is all you need.  Happy Smoking!

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  • i really love this hookah and would like to  purchase it for a friends birthday although ill be honest.. i dont even know if its for sale or how to use this website haha
    please email me back Smile