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5 Must-Try Shishas for the Coffee Lover

As anyone around here can tell you, my day doesn't start without a hookah bubbling to my left and a mug of coffee steaming to my right.   It should only be natural, after all, as the first hookah lounges were coffee shops.   A Turkish proverb even nods that "Coffee and tobacco are complete repose".   From the centuries-old hookah and coffee shops in the Middle East to contemporary pop culture in the West (Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, anyone?), shisha and coffee pair perfectly.    For the hookah fans who adore coffee as I do, here are my five favorite coffee-flavored shishas:
Turkish Coffee Romman Turkish Coffee. One can trace the origin of preparing this type of coffee to the Ottoman Empire during the 16th Century. The traditional way to serve Turkish coffee is to boil finely ground coffee beans and sugar (if desired) in a small copper pot and then serve piping hot. Romman Turkish Coffee almost has a “burnt coffee” taste to it, but not in an unpleasing way. Some have described this dark, semi-sweet coffee flavor as “roasted marshmallow” or “half-popped popcorn kernel.”
Starbuzz Caramel Macchiato. Much like the drink served at the popular coffee establishment that sounds suspiciously similar to “Starbuzz,” Caramel Macchiato is a tasty blend of vanilla, coffee flavor, and caramel. Caramel Machiatto
Cappuccino Al Fakher Cappuccino. Cappuccino (Italian for “little hood”) is a blend of espresso (Italian for “pressed out”) and steamed milk. Al Fakher’s Cappuccino is a great coffee-to-shisha flavor crossover with a hint of a milky aftertaste.
Golden Layalina Cafe Cream. Another great coffee and cream combination, Golden Layalina has produced a tasty, milky coffee flavor that doesn’t produce any sour aftertaste. Cafe Cream
Decaf Coffee Hydrojava. The “decaf” of coffee-flavored shishas. Hydrojava from Hydro Herbal Shisha is a coffee-flavored herbal (non-tobacco) flavor for those looking for a smooth coffee taste without the “buzz.”

Comments (4) -

  • I've had the Starbuzz and Al Fakher before, along with the Fusion Caramel Macchiato.  I'll definitely try the Romman Turkish Coffee one of these days.
  • You forgot about Golden Layalina's Vanilla Latte
  • The Romman Turkish Coffee is probably my favorite shisha!
  • Just tried Romman Turkish Coffee - wow you've got to try it! I've mixed alot with shisha cappuccino's and Romman Cappuccino with orange is my go-to fave...but that turkish coffee is perfect by itself