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Ultimate Combo Hookah Bowl - Featured Product for Saturday, April 18th

This hookah accessory is three, three, three things in one!  We refer to the Ultiamte Combo Hookah Bowl (a combination Mod Bowl, charcoal screen, and wind lid) as "carpet insurance."  If you're a regular hookah smoker, I'm sure you've experienced an unfortunate tipover at least once that caused hot coals to spill on your carpet, making those nice little circular singe marks. You should see the carpet in our office, it looks like the surface of the moon. This nifty bowl has a lid that clamps down (similar to a lock on a mason jar) that not only traps the heat from your coals but also secures the coals in a metal cocoon should your hookah experience a tumble. Remember that the metal will get very hot while smoking, so be sure to use tongs or an oven mitt when unlatching the lid to avoid burning your fingers. Today only (Saturday, April 18th)  you can get this at 19% off.  Happy Smoking!