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Romman Shisha Tobacco Reviews - Jono's Hookah Blog: Part 2

Editor's Note:  This is the 2nd part to Jono's Hookah Blog: Part 1 - Introduction and Basic Hookah FAQ. This section is Jono's honest reviews of the first 15 flavors (alphabetically) of Romman Shisha Tobacco that he's tried.  Enjoy! 1. Romman Almond - This flavor sort of reminds me of the aftertaste you get from smoking cherry.   Although there's no cherry taste, its aftertaste is one of stale cherry smoke. Didn't have a true almond taste, although it did have a buttery smoke that wasn't too bad.   Some of my friends, however, loved it. 2. Romman Apple - I wasn't a fan of this flavor. To me, its taste wasn't genuine enough to be called Apple. It gave off a licorice after taste. When I think of apple flavor, I think juicy sweet rich apple flavor, but what this flavor gave me was none of the above. 3. Romman Apple Cinnamon - I was a huge fan of Starbuzz's Apple Cinnamon, so I gave the Romman version a try.  To me, it had a much more buttery flavor to the apple and the cinnamon was the perfect amount.  Not too much zing, but definitely tasty.  I could smoke an entire jumbo bowl of this stuff.  I will always have this flavor at my house.  While we're on the subject of Apple Cinnamon, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite bowls:  Thanksgiving Day Parade - mix two thirds Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie and one third Romman Apple Cinnamon.   Enjoy! 4. Romman Banana - Not too bad.  Just didn't POP! Very mild flavor. Sort of tasted like Romman Laffy Taffy without that candy taste. Wasn't a true fresh banana flavor, but was definitely decent enough to smoke.  I'm very curious to see what this would taste like with Romman Strawberry, maybe even Chocolate Strawberry. Try it out and let me know. 5. Romman Banana Split - Seemed to be Banana and Chocolate, but not a very strong flavor from either. There are times when this flavor is nice, even in its mild form. Morning bowls! Flavors that are more mild (banana, banana split, etc) or flavors with chocolate or coffee flavors (chocolate mint, frappuccino, etc) tend to be more appropriate in the morning. 6. Romman Berry Breeze - I rank this with Blueberry, Honey Dew, and Banana. Had a somewhat of a strange taste, not too bad. 7. Romman Blueberry - I've only tried this once, and it wasn't great. It had a taste that I can only describe as soapy. If any of you have tried other brands of blueberry, you'll know what I mean. It just didn't have a rich enough flavor for me. 8. Romman Cherry - Not to say that this is a bad flavor, I was just a little disappointed in it.  I love cherry drinks, cherry pies, cherries in general. But this flavor didn't do much for me. I've tried it on several occasions hoping that maybe I just tried a bad batch, or one that was dried out a little too much. But no.  The flavor is mild , which is why I think that cherry and almond are very very similar. They both have a dried out cherry nut flavor. But this flavor in particular just misses that fruity taste. Because of this experience, I've been reluctant to buy other flavors of cherry. You know of a brand that gets this flavor right? I'd love to try it out! 9. Romman Chocolate - I can never have enough Romman Chocolate in my house.  It goes great with a lot of things.   (Apple Cinnamon, Mint, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Vanilla, etc) Even when smoked alone it's great. Very thick, rich, true chocolate taste.  More of a milk chocolate than a dark chocolate though. You know how some flavors seem to lose it's flavor by the time you reach the end of the bowl?  Not chocolate. It's like eating Cocoa Pebbles and then drinking the chocolate milk that remains at the end.   Ok, I think you get the idea. I like it :) 10. Romman Chocolate Mint - This reminds me of those mints you get with your check at Olive Garden.  Refreshingly minty and full of chocolate flavor. Or if you're a fan of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, this flavor is for you!  Most people love this flavor.  I can't keep enough of this stuff on hand. My recommendations are to buy this in bulk. Like the Y2K jars! 11. Romman Cinnamon - Alone this flavor is pretty strong.  When used to mix with other flavors, it can be great.   But use this stuff sparingly in bowls. A little goes a long way. Try it in Banana, Banana Split, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Strawberry, Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, or one that I tried and was surprised that it worked - Chocolate, Orange and Cinnamon.  Again, this flavor you won't need much of at any given time so purchase accordingly. 12.  Romman Cocktail - I only smoked this once and didn't remember liking it that much.   I will, however, try it again.  It seems like a flavor I would like. Any suggestions for making the bowl better? Should I use juices, or fruits, or mints in the base? Let me know your experiences with this. 13. Romman Coconut - The weird thing about Coconut is that I hate the taste of real coconut.   However, this flavor is awesome!  I smoke a lot of this.  It's soothing.  It's smell, the thickness of the smoke, the rich flavor... all makes this highly enjoyable.  Definitely pick some up.  Great morning flavor. 14. Romman Cola - Although I do like Starbuzz's Cola better, the Romman flavor is beyond excellent itself.  I mix this with Mint, or Vanilla.   I tried it with Cherry once thinking that it would be similar in taste to a cherry coke but was let down.   It wasn't the Cola's fault though.  Cherry was just weak. I recommend loading a little over half a bowl of Romman Vanilla and the rest with Romman Cola, drive down to McDonald's or Chik-fil-a and grab a huge cup of ice cream, and smoke that bowl while eating ice cream.  Pick out a movie, a comedy, and have a great time! Yes, I'm mentally challenged, but thank you. 15. Romman Double Apple - Not a fan. Again, like the apple, it just had too much of that licorice taste and after taste. Although I'm not a fan of this, it sells like crazy. Maybe it's just me. And my entire household of people. And my friends. And my co-workers. I don't get it... Stay Tuned for Part 3 - Jono's Honest reviews of the next 15 Romman Flavors!