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Romman Shisha Tobacco Reviews - Jono’s Hookah Blog: Part 3

Editor's Note: This is the 3rd part to Jono's Hookah Blog: Part 1 - Introduction and Basic Hookah FAQ. This section is Jono's honest reviews of the next 15 flavors (alphabetically) of Romman Shisha Tobacco that he's tried. Enjoy! 16. Romman Good Times - The first time I smoked this it didn't go well either and I didn't really have the desire to try it again. But, thank god I did! I love this flavor now! It's refreshing, fruity, and just smokes really nicely. I recommend this for any and every party. I'll always have this. 17. Romman Grape - I remember thinking, "not bad."  I should give this another try though.  Another bad first experience.  If you have your own special techniques on making this flavor really great, pass it on to me.  I want to be able to sit back with a nice chianti, listen to some Miles Davis, and smoke this Romman Grape. 18. Romman Guava - I once dated a girl that would always wear lotions that smelled like guava. Why? I couldn't tell ya.  It wasn't a "pretty" scent.  Still, to this day, I can't stand the smell of guava. I haven't tried this flavor yet. Not sure I will. I hear other people talk about loving this flavor, so I'll give it a shot eventually. Do any of you have suggestions on making this experience better for me? (besides me going to hypnotherapy to deal with the guava girl) HAHA! 19. Romman Ivory Coast - This had a very grapefruity taste. Which, if you're a fan of grapefruit (and a stout one at that) this flavor is excellent. I can see it being used occasionally, but I can't smoke too much of it. It slaps you in the face with how strong it is. 20. Romman Laffy Taffy - This flavor reminds me of Romman Banana mixed with Al-Waha Sweets/Candy. It was ok. Just ok. 21. Romman Lemon - This is a great mixer for flavors like Strawberry, Watermelon, Orange. On its own though, it'a quite sour. Keep in mind, you won't need to use a lot of this when mixing. A little goes a long way.   Same goes for flavors like Cinnamon, Mint, and Rose. 22. Romman Mango - I'll have to try this flavor again to be fair. The first experience wasn't great. Might have been due to what was smoked right before it, might have been loaded poorly, could've been a number of things.   Suggestions on making it better? Any good mix ideas? (please don't say guava, please don't say guava) 23. Romman Melon Berry - This wasn't bad. Wasn't great enough to make me smoke it regularly. 24. Romman Mint - Buy it now.  Stop reading this and go buy it.  You will never have enough Mint. It goes great with too many things. Use moderately though. Too much could kill a mix. 25. Romman Nectarine - This, like Ivory Coast, was quite powerful of a taste.  If it was milder, I would have liked it a lot better.  Try this if you like strong flavors! 26. Romman Orange - Orange is pretty good with vanilla. It mixes with other fruits to make some interesting bowls. But with Good Times on hand, you'll never need it. I'm a huge fan of other oranges though. Al Waha makes a great Orange Cream and so does Fumari.  Romman, if you're listening, look into making Orange Cream! 27. Romman Peach - I really really like Romman Peach. I smoke this by itself a lot. I would try mixing two thirds Peach and one third orange. Tasty. Peach and Apple Cinnamon might be really good too! 28. Romman Prunes - This flavor was/is also called Plum. It's pretty good. I've bought it a few times. However, I've only come across one person (of the many I've smoked with) that actually liked this flavor enough to buy. I liked it well enough. 29. Romman Raspberry - I wanted this flavor to be richer, thicker, and full of taste. It, like Cherry, just didn't seem to do the fruit's flavor justice. 30. Romman Rose - I'm just getting into trying floral shishas. I tried Rose for the first time when I mixed it with Al Fakher Apricot. It was surprisingly nice! The smell of Rose just fills a room, in a good way. Moreso than Al Fakher's Jasmine. I've yet to try Rose with other flavors since then but I'm open to suggestion.

Comments (4) -

  • I smoke a ton of Romman lemon flavor, and I don't find it to be sour at all.  To me, it tastes just like the lemon curd you would find in a lemon-filled donut.
  • You're really missing out on Guava Jono.  I love that flavor.  D
  • What's up Marv!  Based on your recommendation alone, I will give that one another try.  By itself, eh?  Ok.  I'll light up the coco naras tomorrow!  

    Doug, Guava?  really?  Ok.  I'll try it.  But if that ex-girlfriend of mine pops in my brain while I'm smoking it, I'm giving her your number... lol

    Take care guys and thanks for sharing!
  • Thot Romman Orange was the best shisha ever until I tried the lemon. I could eat it. I could (and would like to) roll in it. A little does not go a long way - would like to buy it in bathtub-sized bulk but afraid what might happen. Great alone, makes whatever you mix it with (insert common sense here) taste amazing.
    (Note: bought tub of Al Fakher lemon to try to salvage my budget after my multi-hose Mya Gyro splurge-its OK I guess but I die a little whenever I smell my empty tiny box of Romman lemon...)