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Hookah How To: Fitting a Heba Diffuser on a Rotating Hookah

Howdy Hookah Friends! While our Heba Diffuser has made countless hookahs across the globe more enjoyable, some owners of Rotating Hookahs have contacted us disappointed that it won't fit.  Fret not hookah fans!  You can make the Heba Diffuser work perfectly on a rotating hookah - it just takes a little bit of elbow grease.  Here's how: Step 1: Start by unscrewing the main hub off the top of the glass.  Remember, don't put pressure on the hose connectors, but rather firmly grasp the threaded part of the hub with both hands and twist (this is best done with a friend to hold the glass). You'll see that the downstem is fitted with a nut at the end, which makes it too large to fit in the Heba Diffuser as it is.   However, this can easily be fixed!


Step 2: With a pair of scissors or a knife, take the clear rubber fitting on the diffuser and carefully cut a slit on the outside rim of the center hole.


As you can see, the slits you've made in the rubber widens the hole opening and allows it to fit over the nut on the downstem.

Step 3: Fit the rubber over the end of the downstem and attach the white plastic diffuser.

Step 4:  Screw the center hub back on to the glass as tight as it can go.  Make sure that it is air tight! (See our blog post Hookah troubleshooting: My rotating hookah seems to be leaking, how do I fix it? for instructions on checking for air leaks).

And there you go!  You can now enjoy your rotating hookah with all the benefits of the Heba Diffuser.  Happy Smoking!

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  • Even easier, without cutting is to run the rubber part under HOT water for a few minutes, then it becomes playable enough to slip it over the end, even on big KM stems
  • I was able to fit the clear rubber fitting of the small diffuser over the downstem of my Old School Rotator Hookah using this method, but the stem is too long to allow the diffuser to fit into the glass chamber--the stem no longer screws onto the hookah, or it didn't until I took the diffuser off again.  Fortunately the glass chamber is large enough that I should still be able to have enough water in it to get a good filter, but it seems silly to include the diffuser with this hookah if it doesn't work with it.
  • It fits easily even without cutting it, the hard part is removing the hub from the top of the glass. I was alone when I did it so it was even more difficult, but finally got it off by holding the hub with my legs and twisting the glass with my hands, this also helped to avoid putting any pressure on the hose connectors - which I took off anyway along with the stem and stand.