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Fumari Orange Cream Shisha Review

Fumari shisha has smoke is London fog thick and the flavors are rich and true to their names. One flavor, however, that is often overlooked simply must be brought to your attention. I introduce to you: Fumari Orange Cream.

Fumari Orange Cream

As we are deep in the heart of summer time, the Orange Cream is perfect for anyone looking to recapture that elusive taste of one my favorite summer treats: the Creamsicle (an orange popsicle wrapped around a little bit of ice cream, for anyone who missed out earlier in life.)  This flavor is now made available by Fumari in their Orange Cream shisha.

I highly recommend this flavor, or you should try the Fumari Ambrosia which to my understanding is a fruit salad made with Cool Whip, but you can be your own judge.

As always, we greatly encourage you to share your opinions with us! Stay smoking my hookah friends!

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  • Fumari used to have a flavor called "Cream Soda". Orange Cream and Cream Soda mixed was my absolute favorite!!! I cant find Cream Soda on the Fumari website tho.... =(