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Shisha Tobacco Flavors: Nuts and Gum - Together At Last!

Nuts and Gum, together at last. Where else would these comically mismatched chewables mix together for a unique taste than in the hookah world? While we have several posts highlighting the myriad of shisha tobacco flavors we offer including cocktail themed flavors, coffee flavors, dessert flavorsnon-fruity flavors, even basic traditional flavors, here we present 6 types of shisha flavors that are in a category of their own: Nuts and Gum!
Romman Almond and Starbuzz Bubble Gum. Romman's almond has that sweet orgeat syrup taste and the bubble gum from Starbuzz is slightly minty and slightly fruity with an authentic chewing gum taste.
Nakhla Pistachio and Al Fakher Spearmint Gum.  The pistachio flavor from Nakhla is quite strong, so pack lightly and don't use too much heat!  The Spearmint flavor from Al Fakher is smooth, minty, and lasts an extra long time!
Fusion Hazelnut and Fantasia Bubble Gum.  The Hazelnut flavor is reminiscent of a strong hazelnut latte with a slight vanilla aftertaste and the smoke from Fantasia's bubble gum flavor tastes like a handful of gumballs from the candy machine.