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Hookah Mouth Tips - Practice Safe Smoking

Chickenpox. Swine Flu. Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. If you answered “things you don’t want to catch while smoking a hookah with a group of people,” you are correct! All kidding aside, you can never be too careful these days – especially when throwing a hookah party or taking your hookah places where it will be experienced by newcomers. You’ll want to keep a handful of these individually wrapped plastic tips with you so your guests can pick one up and smoke some delectable shisha tobacco - without the worry of communicable diseases being spread around. It’s also advisable to use “protection” even when smoking with a close circle of friends, as you never know where their mouths have been! We have 3 types of disposable hookah mouth tips to fit all sizes of hookah hoses – inside fitting (or “male” type), outside fitting (the “female” version) and even a slightly larger “male” tip to fit the extra wide opening on the Nammor Hookah Hose mouthpiece. These are available in packages of 10 tips, 25 tips, and 100 tips.  Be good to each other and smoke safely!

Hookah Hose Mouth Tips

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  • This is a great post!  Many people do not realize how necessary a hookah mouthpiece tip/cover/condom can be when it comes to group hookah smoking.

    There have been plenty of times where someone's friend was a little sick or had a little cough, and before you know it - everyone who put their mouth on the mouthpiece of the hose was sick!

    Even though it seems silly, it only takes a couple seconds to switch mouth piece covers/tips, and you should practice doing this over and over until it is a habit so that you don't risk catching a cold, or worse, the flu!
    It is also respectable when you use your own tip, because no one wants your slob all over the mouthpiece once it is passed to them.
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    I am looking to buy 20,000 Hookah mouth tips and ship them to South-America, Guyana. What would be the best offer you could do for me?

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