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Vortex Hookah Bowls - Welcome to the Thunderdome

In the face of much fanfare, we have finally stocked Vortex Hookah Bowls! For those of you not familiar with the Vortex bowls, they are a new twist on the popular Phunnel Hookah Bowl. The Vortex provides all the great benefits of the Phunnel Bowl (allowing the shisha to stew in its own juices, retaining the moisture while keeping the shaft clean) without the hassle. At long last your days of fighting the foil and testing multiple modifications of every shape and size are over!

The key to unlocking the limitations of the Phunnel bowl is in the design of the Vortex bowl. The shape of both is similar (a raised spire in the center interior of the bowl in place of the traditional “bottom holes”) but whereas the Phunnel bowl has a single hole on top, the Vortex has four holes on the outside of the spire. Think of a fountain, and instead of water shooting out of the top, it shoots out lengthwise in four different directions; now apply the reverse principle in comparing the Phunnel bowl to the Vortex bowl. There are a few specific advantages made possible by the clever design of the Vortex: The first being it’s much easier to draw smoke, and secondly the greatest drawback of the Phunnel bowl--the single hole getting plugged by the foil--is eliminated.  Also, shisha is not as easily wasted with the Vortex bowl as the design allows it to simmer far more evenly.

When packing the Vortex bowl, you want to break up the shisha and place it loosely and evenly distributed around the center piece, filling it right up to the rim. Pull the foil taught over the top of the bowl and then poke a large number of pin sized holes around the outer rim of the bowl like a reverse doughnut. Place two coals in the North and South positions on the outer edge of the bowl and you are ready to go! Your shisha will be cooking in its own juices and you will be saved some of the tedium of toying with mods, all while keeping your hookah a little cleaner. And remember, here in the Thunderdome; two bowls enter, one bowl leaves!

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  • My favorite! Smile just a tip: when using something like a precision screwdriver to clean the holes, make sure you don't apply too much pressure...you'll pop the top of the spire off. Its not from personal experience or anything...seriously.  Smile at least you have a mickey moused phunnel, lol.
  • What Tarah said, I had some resistant carbon deposits in the spire vents and popped it right off trying to get it clean. Now I'm left with a semi-Phunnel or as I call it, "the Phortex".
  • Best bowl ever, can be a little hard to clean but I'm talking about 2 hour bowls! this bowl saves tobacco and not only does the flavor last for those 2+hours, the smoke is consistent, smooth, and incredibly milky. This is my recommended #1 purchase/upgrade anyone can get for their hookah, big or small.
    I recently broke my "Ultimate Bowl," so i modified the cage and screen to fit this bowl. it is by far the greatest smoking experience ever.
  • Hi, this bowl looking differently i like this bowl. Every time i used to smoke different types of hookah. i will try this hookah bowl.
  • Personally while I love my vortex bowl, I do not find that it makes my smoke last longer nor does it seem to taste better. It does however keep my hookah much cleaner than my regular bowls. On the downside, as stated you will want to use two coals instead of one. Then again, coal is cheap.