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Tangiers Hookah Tobacco – Top 10 Most Popular Flavors

Like the art of growing the Bonsai tree, getting Tangiers Hookah Tobacco to smoke perfectly takes patience and craftiness. Even though one customer left a review calling it a “man's shisha,” with the proper preparation and heat maintenance, Tangiers can be enjoyed by adults of any gender!

The hookah community is full of people from around the globe, which means everyone will tell you something a little different when it comes to preparing a bowl of Tangiers. However, it is widely agreed that you’ll get the best results by using a non-traditional bowl (such as a Phunnel style bowl like the Tangiers Bowl - Rook Hookah Bowl - Chubbs Bowl), one where the tobacco is allowed to marinate in its own juices instead of sluicing through holes at the bottom.

Tangiers comes in 4 lines; the “OG” or “Noir” style, which is the original, unwashed hookah tobacco, the “Burley” style, which has a higher nicotine content and is more “buzzy,” "Birquq" which is similar to noir with less of a buzz and requires less heat. Last but not least there is the F-Line style, which is a caffeinated version of Tangiers Noir(hold on to your butts!).

Here we present to you the top 10 most popular Tangiers Hookah Tobacco flavors:

10. Foreplay On The Peach

It's a peach party for this blend that produces a sweet peach ring taste but then out of nowhere we start to pick up what could be a mellow fruit note. Some say melon like a subtle honey dew and others suggest watermelon but either way we're loving it.

Available in the Tangiers Noir Tangiers Birquq

9. Welsh Cream

A delicious butterscotch caramel flavor with a creamy undertone to it, Welsh Cream makes for a fantastic after dinner dessert smoke or a great seasonal fall flavor as well. As soon as you open the packaging you'll notice the distinct smell of sweet butterscotch and once you've started smoking you'll notice the creamy notes coming through adding a nice mellow finish to the exhale. 

Available in the Tangiers Noir

8. Pineapple

This is one of the sweeter flavor in the Tangiers lineup and it's one of our favorite for mixes that offer a strong dose of Pineapple. It has a juicy-candy aroma out of the bag that your nose could pick up from a mile away, and with this flavor strength it's no surprise that it made this list.

If you're a fan of passion fruit give Pinepas a shoot for a pineapple and passion fruit mix.

Available in the Tangiers Noir

7. 2005 Blueberry

In the year 2005, blueberries were sweeter and powerful but for some reason that all stopped. Tangiers created some frowning faces when they discontinued their original blueberry formula and went to a darker blueberry taste. Flash forward to over a decade later and we have that sweetness back but this time it has a subtle creaminess to it. Either it must be winning formula because it's sitting at #7 on our list.

Available in the Tangiers Noir 


6. Papaya Sorbet

It's sorbet and Tangiers, do not adjust your current reading device because this is real. Think of the subtle sweetness of a Papaya and add a little bright melon with cream, that's the recipe for a top ten flavor. This blend was apart of the latest flavor release from Tangiers and since then we've seen it come in and disappear like a free bowl of sorbet. 

Available in the Tangiers Noir

5. Horchata

This flavor is based on the traditional Spanish drink made of rice, barley, sesame seeds, tigernuts, and ground almonds. Many have noticed a distinct light sugary vanilla taste starting out, with a denouement of sweet cinnamon towards the end. As the session continues the cinnamon and cream become a friendly combination and the party begins. It's popular as a first time purchase based on the name and it's on this list because of it's accuracy that makes you wanna come back. 

Available in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines.