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Shisha Review: Fantasia Incredible Shisha Tobacco

Please forgive me. I'm still laughing at a post I read on hookahpro.com regarding Fantasia Incredible shisha tobacco. Sheinhausser posted, "It tastes like a middle aged man with anger problems?" Of course he is referring to the classic "Hulk" character from the infamous Marvel Comics that later inspired the TV show The Incredible Hulk. However, Fantasia Incredible shisha tobacco flavor is rather taken from the mixed drink that consists of equal parts of Hpnotiq and Hennessy. Okay, now I have your attention! The smell from Fantasia Incredible shisha tobacco is delicioso, having a real sweet strawberry/cherry smell. It reminds me of Skittles or Starburst candies. And the shisha itself is super juicy! I recommend using a Vortex Bowl or Phunnel Bowl to trap the juices. Incredible tastes like it has a dominant berry fruit flavor with hints of tangy orange, lemon, or some sort of nectarine. I can't help but also mention a subtle sweet & sour mix flavor underneath the berries. I know they're going for a Hpnotiq and Hennessy drink here, but it tastes more like X-Rated Fusion Liqueur to me.  You'll also get super thick clouds of smoke from Fantasia Incredible shisha tobacco. Great smell! Great flavor! Great smoke! Win. Win. Win. Let us know what you think about Fantasia Incredible by leaving comments below or commenting on our Facebook page!  We love hearing from you, the hookah enthusiasts!  Happy Smoking!

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  • I would have to agree with you 100% this is actually a pretty decent shisha. To be honest, I have only smoked hookah a few times. Today is my birthday and my boyfriend decided to buy me my first hookah. A Mya QT Blue with double hoses, its more of a babyblue/teal then actual blue. He also bought me Incredible Hulk. Its got a pretty decent flavor, great smell and makes great smoke. Needless to say, my birtday has been great with the company of my new friend :]