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Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip - Taking the "Chill Factor" of Hookah Smoking to the Next Level

When one wants to enjoy the coolest, iciest, smoothest hookah smoke possible, the methods to achieve this are quite limited -- you can add ice cubes to the water in the base, or, if your hookah is equipped with an ice chamber at the top of the stem, ice can be added there as well. That’s pretty much it…until now! Introducing the Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip:

So what is this thing? The Mystique Ice Hose Tip is an accessory for the Nammor Hookah Hose that takes the pleasure of hookah smoking up several notches by chilling the smoke down to temperatures never thought possible. Inside are non-toxic packets of water that, when frozen, act like ice cubes that don’t make a mess when they melt. As the flavored smoke makes its journey from the bowl to your lips, it passes through a final gauntlet of ice, which when combined with the frozen water vapor produces an unsurpassable smooth smoke! Here's how it works:

1. Place the Mystique Ice Hose Tip in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until the ice packets are frozen.

2. Once the ice packets inside are frozen, insert the larger tapered end of the Mystique Ice Hose Tip into your Nammor Hookah Hose (where the acrylic Nammor mouthpiece would normally go). It fits like a glove on both the large and the small sized Nammor Hose!

3. Smoke!

4. Wash it out after every use to keep it clean and to prevent stains. Simply run tap water through it for up to a minute. Shake dry. Repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied!

And there you have it -- the next step in hookah innovation that can only found here at Hookah-Shisha.com, your friendly neighborhood hookah ninjas. Try it out and let us know what you think! Stay cool, and happy smoking!

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  • Wow, I'm amazed.  I was going to be picking up a custom glass mouthpiece for my nammor(I swear by these hoses over any of the others on the market right now), but next order I will be picking this up and doing a review.

    Seems pretty cool.
  • Look at that freezer, that dude eats healthy!
  • I've been thinking of getting a new hose for a while. This might just take precedence since I'm tired of trying to add ice to my hookah base.

    And yes, that is one healthy eating dude. Wasn't it once said that some men would rather go without dinner than their hookah? Way to prove it!
  • Looks awesome and is ingenious!

    Question: What's the hookah the healthy eater dude uses in the pic?
  • This thing is disgustingly ugly, I'd like to try it though and see if it actually does anything.  Either way, cold smoke means less flavor...
  • Looks like a vegetarian if you ask me....Amy's meals, Morningstar meatless chicken nuggets...

    This definitely narrows down my hose choices...though it's bigger than my hookah >.< ('Little Alice' may be small, but she smokes like a champ haha)
  • I would also like to know where to get that hookah, it's beautiful
  • I know u can buy a plastic base that u can put in a freezer, now there's this part for a hose, now we need a top part of hookah that u fill with ice should be designed about same way as this hose, I mean instead of filling it with ice everytime all u do I ls just put it in freezer like the rest of the stuff...
  • We have one on the way, and will be doing a video review on it as soon as it arrives. At HookahHelper.com
  • Looks nice! I mean, its not that preety, but its a good idea. Hope it works and, if so, I would rather buy one of those!
    But first, please someone tell us how long does the ice packets stay chilled for. Tnks!
  • That's a girl's fridge, a. Wayyy too healthy. B. No beer
  • Wonderful! Can't wait until I actually have a freezer to order this baby. =D
  • Wow this plus a Shee Cool probably equals an epic smoke sesh. When can I order such a masterful piece of equipment?
  • cbury Says:

    This thing is disgustingly ugly, I’d like to try it though and see if it actually does anything. Either way, cold smoke means less flavor…

    why does cold smoke offer less taste?
  • I'd use it if one were given too me. I'm sure it'll make some minor degree of difference but it's definitely not worth $22. Also, the whole cold smoke thing is overrated. Throw some ice into the bowl if it's a hot day or you have extra ice to get rid of. Other than that, temperature of smoke should be a bit of an afterthought (or at least it is for me)

    edit: If you want to smoke to feel cold, through in a bit of AF Mint Smile edit2: Actually now that I look at it, depending on the way it's designed it could make a significant difference. If like smoking in a hot climate under the sun it might make sense.
  • Where can i purchase that hookah?...its epic!
  • Nammor hoses are the best in the biz and this is a brilliant move.  By the by those loving this hookah, not the best for easy pull.  Bases like this one that are wide and long are slightly harder to pull air through.  While they are not quite as exotic looking, bases that are very wide at the bottom and with small necks lets the smoke pass into the water with little pressure.
      Cold smoke does not really mean less flavor, you may think this as you smoke with ice effects as you will be less likely to notice improper heat.  With burnt shisha you will get less flavor but you may not notice a burnt bowl if you are chilling the smoke.
  • i would like to know , what will be the price if i ll order in bulk,u can contact me through mail..
  • Instead of buying this mouth piece, from now on before I smoke, i'm gonna put my whole damn hookah in the freezer for 1-2 hours before I'm ready. BAM!, ice-cold smoke every time.

    Brilliant I say, and even save $ in the process.
  • I bought this tip and it's well worth the money. Every smoke a full bowl of mint? This tip gives you the same cool sensation. only downside is that it lasts like and hour so if you smoke 2 bowls back to back it gets warm.
  • Trust me, These Ice Hoses are worth every penny. I went to a hookah lounge in Portland. And, they had these, and We always put ice in our hookah with the water. And, these Ice hoses hit soo much better.