Hookah Bowl Review: Ultimate Combo Bowl

All hookah bowls are not created equally.  Some are better suited for certain situations, hookah tobacco brands or weather conditions. While many hookah bowls share the same purpose and get the job done, one bowl goes beyond the call of duty and takes on other necessary responsibilities as well. The Ultimate Combo Bowl is a convenient 3 in 1 package deal that comes with a bowl, screen, and wind cover! It's like the Swiss Army knife of the hookah industry! Because of its design, not as many hookah coals are required to get the perfect amount of heat and smoke. For example, I typically use 3 Coco Nara Natural Coals on my hookah bowl. With the Ultimate Combo Bowl I only needed one and a half coals when I smoked Starbuzz Acid Gold. That's saving 50% of your coals for future hookah sessions which is a big deal to me! The lid also adds a little comfort in the way of fire safety due to the fact that your coals won't fall off your bowl and onto your carpet (or other potential fire hazards that may be around). And we all know that one guy that is notorious for tripping on hoses and tipping over your hookah. This will help you eliminate the chance of that happening instead of having to eliminate your friend from the hookah session entirely. The easy to use slip-on and slip-off lid makes it a breeze to clean, load, and empty your hookah bowl as needed. I know it may look tricky. But trust me, if I can do it, you certainly can. Below, you will find a picture guide on how to remove the lid and clamps. Once it's on, it's not going anywhere! Reliability and durability are a big deal these days, and the Ultimate Combo Bowl is nothing short of brilliant. Pick one up today and start saving on coals and peace of mind. The Ultimate Combo Bowl really is a no brainer. It's cheaper than buying a bowl AND a wind cover, plus you use half the coals you normally would. In today's economy, buying smarter is a MUST - and the Ultimate Combo Bowl has SMART written all over it! Happy Smarter Smoking!

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  • Ken
    I have this bowl, it's a good bowl, a bit shallow and the lid gets REAL hot, so I don't latch the lid closed and it stays fairly secure...also the screen doesn't seal well so I use foil.
  • I like the idea of the cover and the metal screen to do away with the foil but the heat transfer isn't the same you get thin smoke typically. The cover is a plus for outside smokes. Does the screen lid combo work with funnel bowls?
  • I picked up one of these a long time ago, and it's worked great, I love this thing. All I am waiting for now is the vortex bowl with this same concept applied to it. This is differently a must have, I live in a part of the country where it’s been cold and windy for a few months now, and this bowl does the job. My vortex bowl is, of course, my first choice when smoking inside, however, outside this is the bowl of choice for me.