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Top 10 Hookah Tobacco Mixes from Shakes the Shisha Chef!

  In the past few months, I have adopted a new nickname, "Shakes." One of the reasons this nickname has stuck is my talent as a shisha tobacco mixologist. It is my distinguished honor and great pleasure to share my top ten hookah tobacco mixes with you! 10.  The Parisian Latte:  Starbuzz Carmel Macciato, Romman Cappucino and Romman Vanilla. Great for the morning, or after dinner. Sweet coffee with vanilla and carmel hints. 9. The Farmers Daughter: Al Fakher Watermelon and Al Fakher Mint. Perfect for the country and city alike. Sweet watermelon offset by dry mint. 8. Cherry Lemonade: Fumari Cherry and Fumari Lemon: Good substitute for a popsicle. Real cherry and lemon juice. 7. The Gypsy: Fumari Rose and Fumari Jasmine. Best when riding in a covered wagon while wearing scarves. Heavy floral notes. 6. The Good Doctor: Romman Cola and Romman Plum. A perfect substitute for soft drink. Two flavors that taste like 23! 5. The Scorpion Bowl: Romman Guava, Romman Pineapple, Romman Peach, Romman Mango. Good for making your taste buds limbo. A cornucopia of tropical fruit! 4. The Back Porch: Al Tawareg Sweet Honey. Al Tawareg Mint and Al Tawareg Lemon. Good on lazy afternoon. A light iced tea flavor. 3. The Disco Fog: Romman Strawberry, Romman Mint and Romman Lemon. Great for the dance floor. Mint with a sweet citrus blend. 2. The Himalayas: Al Tawareg Fresh Mint and Al Tawareg Dark Chocolate: Perfect for after dinner or on a pillow. Similar to the Thin Mints those girls in brown made popular. 1. The Georgia Berry: Fumari White Peach and Romman Melonberry. DELICIOUS.

Please add any hookah mixes of your own in the customer comments as we are always looking for the next great cocktail!

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  • Taste Bud Tingler -
    Starbuzz Blue Mist Starbuzz Tangerine Dream Starbuzz safari melon dew.

    Refreshing Grapes -
    Al Fakher grape and Al Fakher Mint
  • Number 9 wouldn't be a mix anymore, because Al Fakher makes watermelon with mint now. You can buy it at any hookah store already in the box, by 50 grams, 250 grams so on.
  • For my noon of this cant sais îs mixes .  Mix oll tabacco one by oane and you have mixees  .  Sorry man the god Mix îs oane with 3, 4 flaivors  or More . Like ex: strawberry , grape , ciocolate  ,berry , lemon . Very nice one .I orking about 3 years with  Shisha.
  • Mix Al Fahker kiwi with either Al fahker peach or pineapple.  Be prepared for a treat.
  • Mix Al Fahker Kiwi with either Al Fahker peach or pineapple and be prepared for a treat.
  • Al fahker cherry, fumari cherry, starbuzz pineapple and fumari white mint, little vanilla

    Taste like superman icecream