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Hookah Smoking in a Skirt: Karen's Take on the Art of the Shisha

This one’s for the ladies. When people hear I work for a website that sells hookahs there are two reactions. One: How can they get such an awesome job? Two: But you’re a girl. Girls don’t smoke hookahs. Right? Not so. We of the female persuasion are just as skilled in the art of hookahry as any other smoker. I would venture to say we are just as skilled…and maybe a tad harder to please. The first hookah I ever smoked was a boyfriend’s Old School Rotator Hookah with a cobra hose. That was a great hookah, but a little bulky for my taste. When it came time to get a hookah of my own I knew it needed to be easy to use (no fussing with rotator hubs for me), sleek in appearance, and it had to smoke better than his. One of my first hookahs ended up being a Nammor Cleopatra Hookah. Out-smoking an Old School is hard to do, but bumping the hose to a Nammor did the trick. The Cleopatra is tall, the shaft is filled with fine detailing, and the emerald green base is stunning. Since then I have added a Khalil Mamoon Red Pear Hookah with the flower base and a few Mya Hookahs to my collection, the QT, Petite, and Vortex. The carrying cases, cages, and boxes that come with most Mya hookahs definitely score points for ease of use. While working here has afforded me the opportunity to work with a variety of hookahs, and to load a bowl or two, I know not everyone gets to do this as frequently. Over the past couple years I have spoken to quite a few customers who, while they loved smoking hookah, were not entirely comfortable with the processes of loading a bowl, tending hookah coals, or cleaning a hookah. As is often the case, the gentlemen we smoke with are kind enough to take care of these less than exciting tasks. While it’s a nice gesture it can add to the notion that we are less skilled or interested in the finer points of hookah smoking. It’s time to put that to rest. There are some good articles and videos online about hookah basics to help you get started, or if you’re already a seasoned hookahrist it’s time to flex that muscle. At your next hookah gathering, break out your own hookah and favorite shisha, and load your friends the best bowl they have ever smoked - high heels optional.