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Hookah Glass Bases - New Fancy Syrian Hookah Bases!

Add a little "bling" to an otherwise drab hookah! These hand-painted Fancy Syrian Hookah Bases make a great replacement for a broken base or simply to make your current hookah stand out in a crowd. The Fancy Syrian Hookah Bases come in 3 different shapes - a "Balloon" shape, which is more bulbous and resembles and upside-down balloon, an "Dish" shape with  is more flat at the bottom, and a "Pear" shape. These Bases have an opening at the top that is smaller than the average base (about 1.1 to 1.2 inches), so be sure to measure the part of your hookah stem that fits into the base. Using a traditional black rubber hookah base grommet on your hookah stem may be too thick to fit, so we recommend using one or more Mya Rubber Band Base Grommets for a snug fit. You can even wrap electrical tape around the stem (like we do in this post).  Happy Smoking!