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Hydro Herbal Shisha - New "Qing Rubus" Flavor

Since its introduction to the hookah market several years ago, Hydro Herbal Molasses has risen in the ranks to become the most popular tobacco-free, nicotine-free alternative in hookah smoking. With popular flavors such as Dr. 23 (Dr. Pepper) and Kali Drizzle (grape bubble gum), Hydro is ideal for hookah lounges in cities with indoor tobacco bans, international customers (no risk of tobacco import duties), or simply anyone that wants to enjoy intense and long-lasting flavor without the “buzz.” You can now try their newest flavor that has just been released - “Qing Rubus,” which has a delicious blue raspberry taste and is currently available in the 250g size. You can also get Hydro in a 50g size and an economy-sized 1000g tub. Happy Smoking!