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Herbal Hookah Molasses, Tea Shisha, and Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones: Non-Tobacco Alternatives in Hookah Smoking

Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free Shisha Alternatives

Hopefully, the joys and pleasures of hookah will never fade, but the hookah pipe is definitely an evolving entity. While many still enjoy the wonderful buzz and flavor of traditional shisha tobacco, it is now possible to get those same effects with several tobacco-free options. There is a huge number of tobacco-free options available with great flavors and smoke quality if you are interested in giving them a try! Many of these products are from trusted shisha brands like Fantasia and Starbuzz, that give you tobacco-free flavors that are identical to their shisha counterparts - and many come with the options of nicotine or nicotine-free.

Shisha Steam Stones

Shisha steam stones combine porous rocks with glycerin and flavors to create a steaming or vaporizing effect not unlike the steam stones in a sauna. The stones heat up helping the heat from coals reach deep into the bowl. The result is a large volume of vapor and flavor that lasts a long time and is extremely resilient to heat. Find out more about how to smoke steam stones on our blog.

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones – This tobacco-free, nicotine-free option comes to us all the way from Germany. I personally enjoy the “Pina Colada” flavor and have even had a pleasant experience mixing some of the flavors. The stones can be revitalized for a second round if you pour some of the extra 'juice' from the jar on top of the used rocks. Also try the new Organic Shiazo Steam Stones.

Starbuzz Shisha Steam Stones – From the trusted makers of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco, these steam stone flavors are duplicates of their shisha counterparts. They provide familiar shisha flavors, without any nicotine or tobacco.

Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones – Hydro is taking the tobacco-free shisha market by storm. With steam stones, as well as herbal shisha tobacco (all nicotine-free), Hyrdo gives you over a dozen flavors to choose from.

Fantasia Hookah Vapor StonesFantasia Shisha tobacco is well-known for its sexy shisha flavors like Fantasia 4Play and Fantasia Adios MoFo. Now you can get all of these saucy flavors in steam stone form - no tobacco or nicotine.

Mya Rocks Hookah Vapor Stones – Mya Saray makes some of the best machine finished hookahs on the market. Not to be pigeonholed has just 'hookah people', they have ventured into the land of vapor stones. Ten flavors, zero tobacco or nicotine.

Shisha Gel and Fruits

Similar to vapor steam stones, these products contains glycerin and flavors to create a steaming or vaporizing effect. The stones heat up helping the heat from coals reach deep into the bowl. The result is a large volume of vapor and flavor that lasts a long time and is extremely resilient to heat. Find out more about how to smoke Hookah Gel Drops on our blog.

Beamer Hookah Gel Shisha Ice Drops – The first shisha alternative of its kind, this gel shisha is safe to smoke, will not melt, and provides about 1.5 hours of endless clouds with huge flavor! Tobacco and Nicotine-Free. You can get a version of Beamer Ice Drops WITH nicotine as well! Just check out our Lifted Hookah Nicotine Gel section.

Decloud Shisha Fruits – Not sure about smoking gel? Then how about dried fruit! Decloud Shisha Fruits are dehydrated fruit infused with glycerin. The clouds and flavors are huge, but the tobacco and nicotine are non-existant!

Electronic Hookah Bowls

Square eHead Electronic Hookah Bowl – I'm going to go ahead and name this the product of the year. This device turns your traditional hookah into a big personal vaporizer. Simply fill it with the eLiquid of your choice, put it on top of your hookah (with water in the base) and smoke away!

Smoke Free Pyramid Electonic Hookah Bowl – Very similar to the Square e-Head, the Smoke Free Pyramid is a great shisha alternative. The only down side is that if you want to use your own e-liquid (rather than the pre-loaded cartridge that comes with the original package), then you will need to order a separate cartomizer - which is recommended regardless!

Herbal Shisha

Hydro Herbal Shisha – We have been offering Hydro Herbal shisha on hookah-shisha.com since late 2008 when the company first began offering their product. Hydro uses sugar cane as a base in place of the tobacco which, in my opinion, adds to the amount of sugar available for vaporizing and enhances flavors. In fact, Hydro has such a high quality flavor and smoke to it that when smoking around the office people are often surprised to learn that they are smoking a tobacco-free product. “Dr. 23” and “Kali Drizzle” are two of my personal favorites and I am always sure to have some Hydro Herbal Shisha in my stash at home for when one of my friends request it.

Hookah-Hookah Evolution Tea Shisha – The makers of Hookah-Hookah Shisha Tobacco ventured into the tobacco-free market with Evolution Tea shisha. Favorite flavors from the tobacco line like “Peanut Butter” and “Pina Colada” carry over nicely to the tea side of the line. The tea shisha is a bit oily in texture and there is definitely a tea undertone to the flavors, but overall the quality of smoke is very good and the tea shisha is relatively resilient to over-heating.

Al Fakher Herbal Shisha – The newest tobacco-free offering to hit hookah-shisha.com cashes in on the reputation that Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco has built in its wildly popular tobacco brand. My experience with this brand leads me to believe that whatever “natural herbs” are used in place of the tobacco in this brand are married with the same flavoring that Al Fakher uses in their tobacco, since the flavor seems to be nearly identical to the tobacco line. Smoke density and volume seems to be very good, but I found the Al Fakher herbal to take on a bit of an “herbal” taste if exposed to too much heat. I highly recommend giving the Al Fakher Herbal Shisha a try, just be careful to bring the heat up slowly to avoid burning the bowl and ruining the flavor.

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