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Smoke ALL the Hookah! The Best Hookah Memes from our Facebook Fans

Howdy Hookah Friends! Last week we asked our Facebook fans to come up with some good hookah-related memes using a meme generator for a contest. Needless to say, they did not disappoint. Here we present our top 10 favorites that made us laugh uncontrollably:

By Christopher W. (Winner)


By Alex A.


By Taylor B.


By Brad C.


By Christopher P.


By Curtis B.


By Josh C.


By Lucas S.


By Tom M.


By Brad C.

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Comments (3) -

  • Lol that one, Bro let me get a hit "Pulls hookah by hose" was funny. People are clumsy and i dont like clumsy people around my hookah, someone bumped into a table with a hookah on it my hand instantly went for the hookah so it didnt shatter and i got burned by coals. talk about hookah love!
  • Lol. Great post. The Foul Bachelor Frog, Dbag steve and forever alone got me. I see Dbag steve as the guy who just hangs on to the hose until the coals are just about dead and then passes it along. Then has the gall to comment on how much better his clouds were... Respect the rotation!