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Alien Mini Phunnel Bowls - New Hookah Bowls in Stock!

Howdy Hookah Friends! We now have available the American-made Alien Mini Phunnel Hookah Bowls! These are Similar in design to the Phunnel Hookah Bowl in that they utilize the "funnel" method of shisha consumption, allowing the tobacco to stew in its own juices which lengthens the smoking session and makes it much more pleasurable. These hookah bowls are smaller than the regular Phunnel Hookah Bowls, holding only about 10-20 grams of hookah tobacco, depending on the brand and how you pack it. This allows for a nice 30-40 minute-long hookah session without any wasted shisha! Alien Mini Phunnel hookah bowls measure about 4 inches in height and are about 2.5 inches in diameter at the top and are currently available in a number of glossy and unique colors. Come check them out here, and Happy Smoking!