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Gaia Natural Coconut Hookah Coals - Now Available in an 84-Piece Box!

Howdy Hookah Friends! Up until now, our very own brand of natural coconut coals, Gaia Hookah Coals, were only available in a 16-piece box. Finally we're happy to announce that our test run was a success and Gaia Coals are now available in an much larger 84-piece box!  Smoke anywhere from 20 to 40 bowls of hookah tobacco or herbal shisha (depending on how many coals you use per session) with these natural, odorless, and Eco-friendly hookah charcoals made from coconuts. We're proud to call these hookah coals our own, and we invite you to give them a try! You can also pick up a Super Pack of 3 boxes or a Monster Pack of 5 boxes for additional bulk savings. Happy Smoking!