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Regal Hookahs at Hookah-Shisha.com - Exquisite Hookahs with Hand-Lathed Wood Stems

Hookah-Shisha.com is proud to introduce new Regal Hookahs, a line of American-made Eco-friendly hookah pipes composed of exquisite hand-lathed wooden stems and ornate glass bases. Founded in Boulder, Colorado by three hookah enthusiasts who envisioned the reinvention of a century’s old device, Regal Hookah is revolutionizing hookah design! The stems of the Regal Hookahs come in 3 varieties: Melech - Borrowing its name for the title "king" in ancient Semitic culture, the stem of the Melech is composed of reclaimed Colorado beetle-kill pine and walnut. This stem is paired with either a blue, green, red, or black glass base and matching Nammor hose and stands at 34 inches tall including the Egyptian clay hookah bowl. Queen - Standing 4 inches shorter than the Melech, the Regal Queen is the perfect companion for a kingly hookah. With a stem composed of the same reclaimed beetle-kill pine as the Melech, this awesome hookah is 4 inches shorter and is available in the same blue, green, red, or black glass base and matching hose. Redwood Queen - This style of stem has the same measurements of the Queen but made with polished redwood for a brighter, colorful appearance. The wood for this hookah has actually been standing as a bridge in California for over a century, and was likely hundreds of years old when it was first used! Like the Queen, this hookah stands at 30 inches tall and is available in blue, green, red, or black as well. Besides the wood stems, the most unique feature of Regal Hookahs is the way that the hookah hose attaches. You'll notice a lack of an external hookah hose adapter because the hose inserts directly into the center hub. This feature has several advantages: It makes the airflow path extremely wide, allowing for a smooth and easy-hitting smoke. Additionally, accidental hose adapter snap-off's are avoided. Regal Hookahs all come with a matching Nammor Hookah Hose, which makes these one of the best-hitting, most carefully crafted, and most astoundingly awesome hookahs the industry has ever seen!  Happy Smoking!

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