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How To Make a Hookah Base Out of Fruit

Once you've learned to make a hookah head out of fruit, you might as well make the base out of fruit as well! Here are the basic instructions to make a pineapple hookah base (different fruits require slightly different steps):
Step 1: Cut off the top, about an inch below the crown of the pineapple.
Make sure the cut is flat so your hookah shaft will sit correctly.
Step 2:Measure how deep your downstem will go, that is how much you will hollow out your fruit.
Step 3: Cut an 'X', make sure it's roughly the size of your shaft grommet so the fit is snug.
Step 4: Cut a circle around the 'X', remove the triangle pieces, and continue to hollow out the pineapple.
Using a spoon to scoop out the base may be helpful.
Step 5: Save the juices when hollowing the fruit, strain and pour back into the base for a fruity water alternative!
Step 6: Place shaft into base, make sure there is a tight seal where the shaft meets the base - load up the bowl and get to smokin'!
A few additional things to note: 1) You will need a fairly large pineapple and a fairly short downstem in order for this to work properly. 2) If you puncture the bottom when hollowing it out (like I did!) just make a form fitting bowl out of aluminum foil to put under it. 3) Put the fruit in the freezer before smoking if you want some chilly smoke!
Don't forget to make your bowl out of fruit for an extra taste-gasmic experience! Have you ever tried to making a fruit hookah? Tell us about it!

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  • Yes, I actually tried to make my first pineapple hookah today...haha didn.'t turn out so good. I didn't look up any hints or how too videos or blogs. Its funny how I see third today well im going to try your methods tomorrow hopefully turns out better than today as for the apple bowls I used to do those all the time but havent done one lately. Thanks to you im no longer bummed about my pineapple let down.
  • Made a base out of a pineapple and used pineapple juice for the liquid and a bowl out of a peach. Smoked Starbuzz Irish Peach with it...simply amazing.