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How to Make a Hookah Bowl Out of Fruit

When it comes to bowls for your hookah, there is a wide variety to choose from and each person seems to severely stand by their choice. Regardless of what team you're on in the bowl argument, it's fun to change it up occasionally. Using the rind of a fruit as the shisha bowl is a popular shisha flavor-enhancer, and a great bowl-on-the-fly if your standard bowl meets a tragic end. Pears, apples, kiwi, oranges, watermelons, pineapples, lemons, etc., are commonly used. I tried it on my own with an apple, and it's surprisingly easy! Here are the basic instructions (although different fruits require slightly different steps):

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Cut about ¼ off the top part of the fruit, usually under the stem.

Make sure the cut is flat, so the coals will sit correctly on the top of the bowl.

Step 3: Carve out the core of the fruit, scooping out any seeds or pulp.

The inner lining of the fruit should be at least ½ an inch thick. Shape the inside of the fruit so that it makes a small bowl.

Step 4: Using the potato peeler, corkscrew, or small knife, saw out a tiny index-finger-sized hole in the bottom of the fruit bowl.

Step 6: Cover with foil, poke small holes evenly throughout the foil.

Step 7: You may need more coals than usual to adequately heat your fruit bowl - enjoy!

A few additional things to note: 1) Only hollow out your fruit according to how much shisha you will be using (i.e., make a smaller divot if you want to use less shisha) 2) Leave enough fruit rind so that it will be stable on the hookah stem - this is because the juices and the heat can change the physical properties of the fruit, and it may become unstable if it isn't thick and sturdy enough. 3) The coolness of the fruit may require you to use more coals to really get your bowl started

Have you ever tried to make a hookah bowl out of fruit? How about an entire fruit hookah?! Tell us about it!

Comments (3) -

  • I'd like to try this with an orange. The steps should be relatively the same, right? Any tips or suggestions?
  • Busted my bowl as I was putting it on the stem so decided to try a fruit bowl with 2 coals. Hopefully it smokes well! Thanks for the emergency tips.