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Hookah lovers know that it's about more than just the buzz. We are collectors, flavor connoisseurs, and party hosts. Some travel the world collecting hookah experiences, while others prefer to have a small gathering in their own backyard. Regardless of how you do it, we want to know your hookah story. Include as many pictures as you'd like, or even make a video! Send your stories to hookahlove (@) hookah-shisha.com
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From the Hookah-Shisha Halloween costume contest
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The Hookah Collection
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Last thing to leave the house!
"So let's start the story with a little background information. I'm the son of two hard working police officer in the sunny state of Florida. I wasn't sheltered as a kid but was really naive until my late high school years. It wasn't even until I graduated 2 years ago that I had even heard of the word hookah. I had never knowingly seen one let alone smoke out of one. All the stories I did hear about them were negative and falsely associated with cannabis. Finally, the opportunity arose to change my perspective (and probably my life) when I visited a friend in Boca Raton. 
It happened one rainy night as my friends and I sat around wondering what to do with the night. One suggested a lounge that always had local jazz playing, he said it was just a cool place to hangout. To my silent joy the place was a comfortable and very friendly atmosphere where everyone smiled at you because there was no judgement of race or nationality. Everyone was equal. Time passed as we smoked. 10 minutes. 40 minutes. Before we knew it, we had been at the lounge for over 2 hours. I was astonished with how relaxing it was to smoke hookah with friends and how close we could be brought together. I was hooked.
After a very long (and extremely hungover) weekend I was home and online researching everything about the art of the Hookah. I watched videos on set up, proper care, reviews on brands and their flavors, and most important I believe was the history and hookah etiquette. It was decided, I was going to buy a hookah. I went to my local mall where they had an international store. I got a cheap $20 pumpkin hookah knock-off with mismatched hoses. Now the real test. Would my parents approve? With them being police officers I thought they would have the negative perception I once had with hookah. I walked into my home with my head high and stated to my Mother, "I got a hookah and I'm not going to return it!". She looked up at me, shrugged, and said, "Alright, but if I can't smoke my cigarettes in the house then you can't smoke inside either." Dumbfounded I walked away in a bit of disappointment because I wanted to put my foot down as a legal adult. Oh well.
Time went by, trial and error with my hookah proved the only way I was able to learn. Anything from the hookah coals I used, the brands I smoked, and which friends were and weren't allowed to touch the hookah in their inebriated state. There were many burns in carpets around South Florida -__- But, no mattered what happened, the hookah was what brought us together and many bonds were created and many more grew stronger.
The Hookah was what we used to allow our minds to open up and express our feelings and opinions. Politics, money, friendship, love, and life.  Our minds were able to expand and appreciate everything a little bit more; not because of the hookah, but because of what it did. It brought us together. In my 2 years of being a hookah enthusiast I can proudly say that I have changed the perception of hookah with all my friends and family, even some of my neighbors who would see me smoke on my patio. Some of my friends got so hooked they've bought hookahs themselves.
Now, anytime I have guest I always open my doors with a warm attitude and the smell of coals burning."
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  • Well, I have always loved the practice of smoking. ( Not the type of side effects that cig's or marijuana etc give you ) And i recently moved out and into my own place in Chicago ( im from spain ) and its been hard meeting new people and just adjusting over all.. After taking my bambino out in public and smoking in local areas i have attracted interested wanderers. Some were hookah enthusiasts and some oddly did not know what it was.. I was shocked at how large a % of the world still does not about hookah.. Most think its a utencil for hippies and pot smokers and tend to kill their interest right there. But after a glimpse of this beautiful Bambino with decorative nam hose, it really brought in interest then a little sniff of the blue mist tin got them very interested and willing to give it a shot.. I made friends with these people, informed them about shisha alt. if they were still hesitant at all ( steam stones ) and now are loyal customers to hookah-shisha.com Personally hookah and the great service that this site offers has made a big impact on my life.. What is life without friends right? and for me this is a great tool to relax,make friends, and just a beauty to behold. Not a extravagant middle eastern travel story.. but none the less.. one that has impacted my life. Thanks Hookah-Shisha and all hookah enthusiasts.
    • Great comment, thanks Cristian!