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Khalil Mamoon Hookahs: The First Round of the Winter Models

People can't seem to get enough KM Hookahs - at least based on the requests and demand we get on a daily for these famous Egyptian imports.  Well, good news to you all! Our warehouse is chock-full of brand new models that have never been seen in our store, and we'll be releasing a few each week! Well, let's not delay any further, we know what you folks want, so here they are!

The first KM hookah has not one, not two, but THREE "pears" in the stem! The 2nd contains a never-before seen decorated glass base, and the 3rd is the "ice" version of a KM Hookah we released in the fall, the "KM Black Single Pear Hookah," and comes with an often-requested black "letter" glass base. Bam! Check back next week or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for news of the 2nd round! Happy Smoking!

Khalil Mamoon Black Triple Pear Ice Hookah

44 inches tall

Comes with KM Classic or "Tundra" Hose

3 "pears" in the stem!

Khalil Mamoon Silver Shareef Hookah

39 inches tall

2 colors of decorated glass bases to choose from!

Khalil Mamoon Black Single Pear Ice Hookah

32 inches tall

Black "pear" stem with ice chamber!

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