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Why Are You Always Sold Out of Tangiers?!

Almost every day we receive emails, chats, phone calls, and Facebook messages asking: "WHERE'S THE TANGIERS?!" And every day we tell our fellow hookah lovers that we are trying our hardest to keep it in stock, but it is literally impossible. Don't believe us? Eric, the creator and producer of Tangiers, just released this statement explaining why the demand for Tangiers continues to outweigh supply:

"I have heard you guys are upset because there isn't enough Tangiers. As upset as you are, I'm twice as upset. I'd like to be selling three times as much.

Here is what's going on that is causing the problems.

1. We aren't producing enough tobacco. Plain and simple. We are working on increasing production. You improve one area and find out how bad another area is doing. Then we have to fix that. Right now, its packaging slowing us down. A sudden doubling of orders in March and April, coupled with the release of the second Birquq set put us way behind.

2. Tangiers is a limited edition production company. We always have been. We produce flavors sporadically. Every couple of weeks at most. For awhile we were making cane mint weekly to try and keep up, but for the most part. Each flavor is really not available all the time. We don't have a "warehouse" of tobacco to sell by any means. Each order is made as ordered. We couldn't make tobacco and sell it as cheaply as we do unless we made tobacco this way. Bloated inventories mean higher rent. Higher rent means more overhead, More overhead means higher prices. We shift the responsibility of maintaining inventory levels to retailers.

3. "Predatory purchasers"; I'm glad people like Tangiers. Some people have decided to use Tangiers' popularity and try and make money off of it. I do not support this practice. We sell Tangiers the way we do to try and minimize middlemen markups and keep prices low. Some people see this and try to buy it all up and then resell it at a profit. Personally, I think this sucks. Large amounts of Tangiers were being purchased in Brazil, for instance.

4. Retailers were slow to understand the popularity increase until our lead times had risen too quickly to stave off shortages. They are ordering more now, more frequently, and attempting to recover stocks. Our sales model has the retailers holding the stocks for Tangiers, maintaining supplies to keep their inventories healthy. The sudden increase in sales coupled with increased lead times and a natural "lag" to see a sharp, short-term trend (quite understandable, really). They are on the ball and working to get inventory levels back and we are helping them as much as we can.

I have worked with and counselled retailers to limit the sinks in their inventories including predatory purchasing and the lag between the increased demand and the increases in our lead times. I hope you will understand and continue to support Tangiers. I am still working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week to try and get you exactly what you want with the quality you deserve. I am not worthy of your praise due to our recent failings, but I would respectfully request your patience and understanding. We never take vacations and we work all holidays because we love what we do and we work for the loyal fans. Good quality, fair price. When people get in the way of that, we take steps to try and correct it. That is what we are doing. We will keep a commitment to you as long as you keep loving the Tangiers.

I also have to get out samples for the third set of Birquq flavors and the hoses. Haven't forgotten about you. We ran low of head/stem pieces on the hoses, but we have a new, larger order in for those. Should be done next week.

Thanks much, Eric"

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  • In my view, the problem is not in predatory buying. Had Tangiers available at all sites and with a variety of flavors, there would be much market for resellers Brazilians. They should all produce fumes on a larger scale, especially bestseller. For me it is still a sweatshop home. Hire employees and increase production, this is the solution. Talking to buyers of the product itself is a problem sounds offensive. I do not see Fantasia Pink Lemonade missing or Starbuzz Blue Mist or Social Smoke Absolute Zero, although smoke bestseller in the same way.

    Oddly enough, this seems to be common in the U.S.. Amateurism in the venture. See Alex and the 5star. If they hired staff, good service with a consequent increase in profits would pay employees and increase profits, but they think small, like the thing home / family and it does not work, not on a large scale, not to meet the world
  • @ Jose:

    Yes, you make a great point in the last paragraph, but for only two or three employees, 5starhookah.com does a great job getting orders out and for the most part, they do that correctly. Ive never had to wait more than 24 hours for an order to be shipped out, and they even work on saturdays. All that being said, I do think they treat their customers who make an order every week a lot better than they do someone like me who stocks up and only orders every few months, but I do place large orders (usually above $150).

    As for the Tangiers shortage: It's really just a matter of supply vs. demand vs. QUALITY. Tangiers is a very high quality product and has rigorous standards which the true Tangiers fans are greatful for, and if that means we cant get every flavor we want, whenever we want it, then its worth the wait.

    Nice blog post.
  • A lot of people buy tangiers in Brazil to sell it here. Victor Oda is one of them, he buys like 30 tangiers of each flavor! Tangiers production is not too large, and beucause of these persons it's always sold out.