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Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavor Guide

Many hookah smokers would describe Fantasia Shisha Tobacco is well-known for having a sweeter, more candy-like flavor. If you're looking for a departure from the more intense, tobacco-like shishas, then this is the brand for you! While there are the more popular flavors like Pink Lemonade, Orange Sherbet, and Bubble Gum that don't need any further flvaor explanation, there areother flavors that inspire you to say,"WTF is this supposed to be?"So, to the best of the ability of my refined shisha palate, here's what the Fantasia flavors with less-than-obvious names taste like:

All of these flavors can be purchased here

Fantasia 4Play: Watermelon candy
Fantasia Ace of Spades: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Fantasia Adios [email protected]#%+&!: Sweet pineapple blueberry bubble gum
Fantasia Black Mamba: Guava & pear
Fantasia Black Martini: Sweet blackberry
Fantasia Cactus Breeze: Pineapple & orange
Fantasia Caramel Cappuccino: Caramel coffee
Fantasia Cosmopolitan: Cranberry lime
Fantasia Cuban Mojito: Lime mint
Fantasia Golden Double Apple: Apple, Anise, Licorice
Fantasia Cupid's Arrow: Strawberry/raspberry candy
Diablo: Red Hots candy
Fantasia Dirty Blonde: Banana pineapple
Fantasia Dragon's Breath: Papaya, kiwi, & cactus fruit
Fantasia Firecracker: Blue raspberry, lemon, mint & cherry
Fantasia Incredible: Green gelatin
Fantasia Joker: Strawberry, guava, pomegranate & apple
Fantasia Lucky: Kiwi lime
Fantasia Magic Dragon: Blueberry mint
Fantasia Mai Tai: Pineapple, cherry, & coconut
Fantasia Mary Jane: Pink guava
Fantasia Massari: Grape Mint
Fantasia Mon Cherry: Cherry lollipop
Fantasia Purple Haze: Sweet grape candy
Fantasia Purple K: White grape
Fantasia Queen of Hearts: Sweet cherry rose
Fantasia Rainbow Burst: Fruit cereal
Fantasia Menage: Watermelon Citrus
Fantasia Kali Drizzle: Grape Bubblegum
Fantasia Red Velvet: Cake with vanilla frosting
Fantasia Screwdriver: Citrus orange cocktail
Fantasia Surfer: Coconut & pineapple
Fantasia The Million Dollar Flavor: Cherry Dr. Pepper candy cake
Fantasia Triple X: Peach, cranberry and orange
Fantasia Triple Apple: Sweet red apple, green apple, & yellow semi-tart apple
Fantasia Vanilla Sky: Fruity vanilla
Fantasia Yagerbomb: Cranberry energy drink
Fantasia White Lotus: Coconut, Citrus, & Honey Dew Melon
Fantasia Red Lightning: Strawberry
Fantasia Hydroponics: Peach
Fantasia Trendsettah Yachtmaster Wet Mango: Ripe mango fruit
Trendsettah Da Bomb Blueberry: White grape
Fantasia Trendsettah Swag Berry: Mixed berry
Fantasia Trendsetta Rozay Wine: Sweet red rose
Fantasia Trendsettah One Hundred: Wintergreen mint
Fantasia Trendsettah MayBach Melon: Sweet melon
Fantasia Trendsettah One Hundred: Wintergreen mint
Fantasia Trendsettah Cali Green: Sweet and sour green apple
Fantasia Trendsettah OG Sweet: Cotton candy bubble gum
Fantasia Trendsettah Hush Honey: Natural sweet honey

Comments (9) -

  • Joker is one of my favorite shisha flavors, even though I typically don't like how short-lived Fantasia shisha bowls are. I totally thought it had woody, aromatic cinnamon hints too.
  • Why have I never known about this? This is so helpful!!
  • can someone email me the low down on all 70 flavors. im seriously thinking abouttrying them all from a trial pack  that is  really expensive.  but if I  can get the low down on all 70  then I  won't have to
  • just curious...is this for flavor in a hookah? Does it have anything in it that will effect the way you feel if you know what i mean....?????? please let me know I found some in my sons backpack. just want to make sure it does no serious reactions to it. if its like pot then i won't be as worried. please answer me.

    thank you.....(a concerned mom, but a cool mom)
    • Hi Sarah! Shisha tobacco contains tobacco (which has naturally occurring nicotine in it) as well as flavorings, and either honey or glycerin, depending on the brand. Some people get a slight head buzz from the nicotine when they smoke hookah, but beyond that there really is no reactions or effects to be concerned about. If you have any more specific questions please contact our customer service team at info (at) hookah-shisha.com. I hope this information is helpful.
  • I've been searching for a nice grape flavor for a while now.

    I picked up a box of Purple Haze hearing that it had a great grape flavor..

    I opened the box and took a sniff and had a promising grape / fruity smell to it. I was pretty excited to try it out.

    When i went to doing a bowl i got NO flavor what so ever.  I would best describe the flavor as inhaling water vapor from a dehumidifier with a Very slight berry tinge as you exhale. I honestly thought my taste buds were broken.. i took sips of water to refresh my pallet and even took small drags of my e cig to confirm my tongue was still working.  When my friend took a hit he said the same thing.. No flavor at all.  I bought a pack of dirty blonde as well loving the pineapple flavor of the Dirty Blonde E-juice but after this my expectations aren't nearly as high...

    What gives?

    Just a side note, I do a lot of work in the world of culinary arts and have a very sensitive pallet often picking up subtle flavors while tasting things....
    • If you've smoked alot of hookah some flavors will smell fantastic but have little to no taste the solution is to smoke a stronger flavour thats why i primarily smoke Al Fahker Double apple or Grape Mint
  • I don't see Hush Honey on here