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eGo T Electronic Cigarette

eGo-T e-Cig Information Guide


How does the eGo-T E-Cigarette work?

The eGo-T Electronic Cigarette CE5 contains 3 parts: a battery, a clearomizer tank with atomizer heating unit, and a mouthtip. The power from the battery heats the atomizer which pulls liquid from the cartridge and changes it into a vapor.

How do you smoke the Ego T Vape Pen?

Once the eGo-T is loaded with your e Liquid or e Juice of choice, push the LED button while slowly inhaling. The LED button should light up when pressed, if it doesn't, press it 5 times in quick succession to turn it on (5 more times to turn it off for safe storage). If it's still not working, here are a few quick Ego-T Troubleshooting Tips.

How do I charge my Ego eCig, and how long will it last fully charged?

The eGo-T comes with a USB cable charger, which you plug into a USB-capable device (laptop, desktop computer, etc.). The initial charge should last about 8 hours, and after that it takes about 3 hours to fully re-charge. The LED light will turn green once it's charged. You can use the eGo-T for about 10 hours on a full charge.

How many puffs can I get on a full Ego T Cigarette tank?

You can get about 500 puffs on a full tank of E-Liquid.

How often will I need to replace the clearomizer tank in my Ego Cigarette?

It is recommended to replace the clearomizer on the eGo-T about every 30 days (possibly less, depending on use).

Please contact our customer service should have have any questions. As always, happy smoking (or should I say, happy vaping!)

Comments (10) -

  • I have tried some of the flavors of Austin’s E-Liquid brand, they are nice and soothing.
  • Is it required that you use the brand of eliquid with that vaporizer or can you use other liquids with it? Can you use different vaporizers with that eliquid?
    • Great question Janel! You can mix and match eliquids with eCigs. HOWEVER, certain eCigs, specifically ones with wicks in the atomizer, should not be used with eLiquids that are vegetable glycerin based because the Veg Gly is thicker and can gum up the wick.
  • how much e liquid does everyone go through weekly or monthly?
  • This this Great article about"Austin’s E-Liquid and the eGo-T Electronic Cigarette" and this is best option to leave to traditional Cigarettes
  • Chris I go through about 1 small bottle every two to three weeks.
  • When you pour the E-Liquid into the atomizer, arent you NOT suppose to get it into the tiny hole of the wax?
    • Yes, Jenna, you are correct.
  • may
    can you use it on a encore e-liquid?