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2013 Blend Off: Create a Shisha Blend, and WIN!

Hookah Freak is holding their annual shisha blending contest starting May 1, and we're proud to be a sponsor

You create and name your own custom shisha blend using up to 5 of any HookaH-HookaH Long Cut Shisha flavors. After the contest has been closed to submissions (May 31), polls are created with the blend names and descriptions for the hookah community to vote on their favorite. Voting takes place over 4 (or 5) rounds; these rounds are open to anyone that wants to vote and it narrows the contest down to our Top Ten Blends.

Once the Top Ten Blends have been chosen, Hookah Freak will mix up batches of each top ten blend and ship out a Top Ten Sampler to everyone that entered the contest so they may actually smoke each of the Top Ten and make an informed vote. The last round of voting is only open to those who have had the opportunity to actually smoke the Top Ten Blends, so everyone that entered the contest gets a vote and everyone that purchases a Top Ten Sampler also earns a vote.

So if you want a chance to win a customized hookah AND a gaming system, not to mention get to try the top 10 blends, then submit your blend into the contest between May 1-31. Good luck!


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  • So we CAN buy a sampler when they are made without entering the contest?
    • Yes! As soon as the top 10 are chosen, they will be packaged and available for purchase.