How to Pack & Load a Hookah Phunnel Bowl

With a raised spire in the center of the bowl, and one large hole in the center of the internal spire, the Phunnel hookah bowl prevents the shisha tobacco juices from running out through the multiple holes that usually line the bottom of a traditional hookah bowl. This bowl is especially ideal for a tightly packed, juicy Tangiers shisha session - but is good for everyday use as well!

Take your shisha of choice and loosely sprinkle it around the inside of your Phunnel Bowl. Fill it just below the lip of the bowl, about even with the center spire, so that the foil doesn't touch the shisha - which can cause it to burn and stick to the foil. Make sure that the center spire is slightly shorter than the outer rim of the bowl, otherwise you will not get proper airflow.

When poking holes in your foil, you have to decide whether or not you'd like to poke holes over the hole in the center. Some people believe that only poking holes where the shisha is helps to create a vacuum effect through the center, however others insist that poking holes over the center spire helps with airflow. You should try it both ways, and see what works for you.

Place your coals around the outside of the bowl, and wait until the smoke output begins to become significant. When the smoke starts thinning out, try moving the coals towards the center, but not over top of the center spire area.

Happy Smoking!

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  • Hi guys,

    i appreciate your work and the help you are giving us, so i am replying to this phunnel manuall Smile

    I agree with everything as far, as the shisha is in the phunnel, after those steps i preffer to use or make a "skali mode", which is helping to pull are from sides into the hole more efficiently Smile

    it looks like this:                     ___
                             skali mod  -> {   }

                         o   ______    o
                        v   {      }    v
      this is a bowl -> |   { hole }    |
                            \ air  /
                             \    /

    when u pull, it gets the air from the sides and not from up, so the whole hot shisha vapor will go from sides to the centre under the skali mod Smile

    P.S.: i know u know, but i was bored Tong

    Thank you again to teach me new stuff !