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Best Hookah-Shisha.com Instructional Videos

You've got the hookah. You've got the shisha. You've got the accessories. Now what? Whether you're brand new to hookah, or you just need a refresher course, we're here to help you learn. Enjoying your hookah, and sharing it with friends is a wonderful hobby that should be fun and relaxing, not confusing or frustrating. Here are a few instructional videos to get you started; if you have specific requests for a new video, just let us know!

What is a Hookah? Check out this quick beginner's guide to hookah.
How to Assemble a Hookah; Learn how to put your hookah together.
How To Load a Bowl of Shisha; Learn to load your hookah bowl.
How to Clean a Hookah; Learn to clean your hookah, hoses and more.
How to load a Phunnel Bowl; See how we recommend packing your hookah Phunnel Bowl.

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  • I need a video on how to repackage my hookah back in to its case, as of right now it seems impossible. I own a three hose hookah and the stem doesn't seem to fit in the box with the base