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Hookah Upgrade Sale - All Hoses, Bowls, Bases and Smoke Enhancers On Sale

Here at Hookah-Shisha we believe that nearly any hookah can be a towering titan of smoke production with the addition of the right set of upgrades.  Does every bowl you smoke taste like mint?  You probably have old ghosted flavors haunting your hose!  Upgrade to a washable Nammor hose and banish those ghosts!  Do you have an ugly chip or crack in your go-to base?  Maybe some of the paint is peeling?  Get yourself a brand new KM or Egyptian base on the cheap and restore your hookah to it's former glory.

The possibilities are nearly endless.  The Heba Diffuser, Kaloud Lotus, Vortex Bowl, Mystique Ice Hose Tip - the list goes on and on.  Add a few of these to your current hookah rig and we guarantee your next session will be the best one yet.

All Hookah Bowls On Sale

All Hookah Bowls At Least 15% Off

All Hookah Hoses On Sale

All Hookah Hoses At Least 15% Off

All Hookah Bases On Sale

All Hookah Bases At Least 15% Off

All Hookah Smoke Enhancers On Sale

All Smoke Enhancers At Least 15% Off