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8 Great Upgraded Nammor Hookahs

Nammor is one of the big names in the world of hookah, known for unique designs, excellent build quality, and affordability.  This week we have taken 8 of our most popular models and upgraded them to create the ultimate Nammor experience.  Buy one of these 8 upgraded hookahs this week and we will include, at no extra charge, a Mystique Ice Hose Tip, a black Vortex hookah bowl, and an Egyptian Wind Cover.  When you add these three amazing accessories to our already outstanding Nammor hookah pipes you get something out of this world.  We don't think you are likely to find a better deal this week.  Check out our 8 upgraded models below, and click the images for close up shots and more details.  Happy Smoking!

These free upgrades have expired, but are still available for sale separately.  

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Cleopatra Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Pecos Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Pecos Hookah

Nammor Euphrates Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Euphrates Hookah

Nammor Azizi Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Azizi Hookah

Nammor Giza Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Giza Hookah

Nammor Bondi Ice Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Bondi Ice Hookah

Nammor Veneer Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Veneer Hookah

Nammor Vintage Hookah

Upgraded Nammor Vintage Hookah