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Get A Free Hookah-Shisha Koozie

One of my favorite things to do while smoking hookah is to enjoy a refreshing cold beverage.  The only problem?  Sometimes my hand gets too cold from holding that ice cold beverage.  The solution?  A koozie, of course!  What's that you say?  You don't have a koozie?  Specifically you don't have a super awesome Hookah-Shisha.com koozie?  Well you are in luck my friend because this week we are tossing a free Hookah-Shisha.com koozie in with each and every order placed on our site.  Consider it a little bit of Christmas in November with Hookah-Shisha playing the role of Santa.


That's it!  Just a free koozie to enjoy when you place an order between now and 11/18/13.  Happy Smoking!

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