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What Hookah Bowls Work With The Kaloud Lotus?

The Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System is great for extending your hookah smoking session, reducing the amount of hookah coals you use, and providing a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. However, in order to achieve these fantastic benefits, it's essential that you're using the correct hookah bowl. The Kaloud Lotus measure just under 3in in diameter, or about 7.5cm. You can measure your bowl diameter, or take a look at what our crack team of researchers have discovered for you!
Hookah Bowls with Kaloud Lotus

The Good

1) Phunnel Bowl - With a hollow spire in the middle, and raised outer edges, the Phunnel bowl has the perfect design to accommodate the Lotus. Both the large and small phunnels will work.

2) Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl - This smaller, flatter version of the phunnel bowl also fits well with the Lotus. However, because it is a shallower shisha bowl, you must be careful not to overload the Alien and cause your shisha to get too hot.

Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System with Bowls
3) Harmony Bowl - This is a version of the Alien Phunnel Bowl, however it's a little bit deeper. This will help avoid some of the overheating issues, and the diameter allows for a nice fit with the Kaloud Lotus. 4) Mod Bowl - This bowl has a fairly wide diameter and a depth that the Lotus perfectly fits. 5) Mya Jumbo Bowl - This bowl is wide enough for the Lotus and deep enough to pack a lot of shisha without burning it.

The Bad

Goliath Bowl with Kaloud Lotus 1) Goliath Bowl - While this extra large bowl is perfect for parties or large groups of people, the Goliath bowl is too big for the Kaloud Lotus.

2) Apple on Top Bowl - This bowl already comes with its own built-in screen and wind cover system, so there's no need to use the Lotus with it.

3) Mya Ceramic Bowl - Essentially a smaller version of the Mya Jumbo bowl, this one is deep and gives you a great smoke, but the diameter is a little too small to accommodate the Lotus.

The Modifiable

1) Vortex Bowl - One of our most popular hookah bowls, the Vortex should generally fit the Kaloud Lotus. However, if the center spire of the bowl is too high (above the rim), this will cause the Lotus to wobble. This can be fixed by applying a layer of foil around the rim of the Vortex bowl to level it out.

2) Large Egyptian Bowl- These bowls are handmade, and can vary in size, so some will comfortably fit the Lotus while others won't.

Obviously, there are other bowls out there and different experiences to be had. If you have comments, or advice regarding the perfect hookah bowl to use for the Kaloud Lotus, please leave a comment for us on this blog! We'd love to hear from you and continue to learn about these new, awesome products together.

Comments (27) -

  • The Pyrex Vortex bowls from Sahara Smoke  also fit the lotus perfectly. As well as the Apple On Top bowl isn't even mentioned in the modifiable section.
  • I agree with these findings. I've had my lotus for about 6 months now, and I've been playing around with all of the bowls at my disposal. I've never tried using foil along the rim of the vortex. I just sanded down the spire to maybe a quarter's height below the rim using a dremel tool. I've also found than any time I use the lotus with an Egyptian bowl, when I go to remove the lotus to dump the coals and load up a new round of coals, it creates a vacuum and explodes the juice onto the grommet, tray, and down the stem into the base. If I'm comfortable smoking only one flavor out of that hookah for a while, this isn't really problem. Regardless, you run into this problem over time with foil, too, so I guess this isn't really a big deal. I would like to mention that using the Chinese phunnel offered here with tangiers can be tricky because this bowl tends to heat up more more than any of the other bowls. Also, note that when using tangiers in the harmony bowl with the lotus, underpacking with a light to medium dense pack works best. If I pack too dense, I just use a toothpick and poke holes in the shisha in the bowl to guarantee airflow. I haven't tried using vapor stones or the ice drops with the lotus yet, but the reviews I've seen on youtube do not promote a favorable session. I assume it's because you need higher heat.
  • Why is the Vortex bowl not listed under 'The Good'? Mine fits perfectly and works perfectly with it.
  • The Tangier's pico phunnel is also too small.
  • Cool, great resource! Great to know which bowls are best.
  • Amy
    When using the vortex bowl with the center too big, do you poke holes in the foil?
    • Amy,
      If the center is too tall, apply a layer or two of foil to the outer edge, around the bowl, but not flat across the top.  You need to elevate the sides of your bowl to be even with the center spire without covering the tobacco or blocking the heat and air-flow.  Happy Smoking!
  • Does it work on a Lavoo glass bowl?
  • Hey guys,
    I just wanna ask if its possible to ise kaloud on this bowl juicymist.com/.../...nnel-ceramic-hookah-bowl.html i know that they are saying that works perfectly with phunnel bowl but this bowls namebis funnel with "f" i know that this is stupid question Laughing but i just wanna be sure it will work correctly before i buy something that costs 45 dollars. Thank you
  • Bob
    Works perfectly on the crown v1 glass bowl made for the lotus, also the godfather glass bowl! Thought the lotus was a gimmick, but its a Must HAVE! No foil, Clean smoke, use less coals, worth every penny!
  • Will the power bowl work with the Kaloud Lotus?
    • Technically it does, but the Power Bowl is just a little too wide to have the secure fit that the Lotus can boast with some of the smaller headed bowls.
  • Will the Kaloud Lotus work with the silicone bowls or are they too big?
  • Kenny, We have tested the Lotus with the Silicone bowl and it doesn't really work well. The silicone bowl is just a little bit too wide so the Lotus sits awkwardly on top and it doesn't seal well.
  • Does this work with a lavoo glass hookah bowl?
    • Yes, I believe it does!
  • I am not sure on the diameter of this phunnel bowl www.amazon.com/.../ref=pe_385040_30332200_TE_item# but I ordered one in hopes that it will fit a Lotus.  Does anyone have any experience with this bowl? What is the diameter of the Lotus?
    • Hi Drew, if you look in the first paragraph of the blog, you can see that the diameter of the Lotus is 3 inches, or 7.5 cm. Good luck!
  • Hi, Just to confirm, has somebody tried the Kaloud lotus with the Lavoo glass bowl?? I just bought the lavoo and I dont want to wast my money if it wont fit onto it
  • Hello,
    Could you please tell me, what is the diameter of Pyrex Vortex Bowl? I want to use it with Kaloud Lotus, but I don't know whether it will fits well with the Lotus?
    And the same question about Vortex Bowl from here: www.hookah-shisha.com/...1-vortex-hookah-bowl.html

    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards!
    • Ohanes - The Pyrex Vortex Bowl is 2 5/8 inches across and it will fit the Kaloud Lotus just fine. The original Vortex bowl will also work.