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Starbuzz French Orange Is Here

Introducing a fantastic new vanilla-citrus shisha - Starbuzz Bold French Orange

No, you're not dreaming – the new Starbuzz Bold French Orange shisha really is that good. The newest Bold flavor from Starbuzz Tobacco is already making delicious waves around our office with a delightful orange sherbet taste that mixes in hints of vanilla and graham crackers. Imagine taking an orange creamsicle and covering it with vanilla wafer crumbs and you start to get the delicious idea. Let those thick plumes of Starbuzz Bold French Orange carry you off to a relaxing French countryside where everything else fades away into a creamy citrus shisha paradise. Starbuzz Bold French Orange shisha is available in 50g, 100g, 250g, and 1000g sizes.
                                                   Starbuzz Bold French Orange Flavor Shisha

Take a look at all of our Starbuzz Bold shisha varieties.

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  • Smoking it right now.. First thoughts was the smell was like orangish and graham crackers, thats what it reminded me of at least. Inhale you taste the orange but not necessarily citrus then in the exhale it tastes like graham crackers and it may seem like an odd combination and I was hesitant of purchasing it but it's actually very good!