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Troubleshooting eGo-T (and similar rechargeable) eCig Battery Issues

One of our frequent customer issues regarding the eGo-T Electronic Cigarette (and most of our similarly styled refillable, rechargeable eCigarette models) is: "My battery is broken!" Sometimes the battery may appear to be broken (meaning the e-cig won't turn on) when it just needs a bit of troubleshooting. This video is a great place to start:

1. Make sure it's turned on! The battery of the eGo-T can be turned on and off by rapidly pressing its activation button 5 times. When the battery turns on or off, the blue activation light will blink.

2. Check the connection. Within the battery is a center pin that connects to the atomizer and gives it power. Sometimes this center pin will get knocked out of place or pushed down. You can take a small tool, such as a needle or toothpick, and use it to move the center pin back into place. If you're using a metal object, be careful since you are touching a piece of metal to a positively-charged metal plate.

3. Tap it. If neither of those work, you can always do what I'll call "the caveman technique": thump the e-cig battery down firmly onto a flat surface so that the center pin will shake back into place. Don't do it too hard; you're not trying to break the battery, just knock the connection back into place.

These are all techniques you can try to get your eGo-T refillable e-cig working again. Have you had a similar problem and found a fix for it? Let us know!

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  • I got my eGo-T a couple of weeks ago and after about the third day it stopped working. I looked up everything including the center pin problem, and it is still not working. I don't think i need a new battery because it is so new.
    • Hi Shannon! I'm very sorry to hear about that! I have let our customer service team know, and they will be in contact with you shortly.
  • My hooka pen broke because I try to screw it on and it just falls off
  • I got water in the battery part of my eGO and its working on and off
  • I have the exact same problem as Shannon. At first my ecig wasn't producing vapor/ smoke so i took the tank apart to clean it put it back together and connected it to my battery. Next i see a bright split second red light in the tank then my battery blinked 3 times and shut off. Its not doing anything now.. No light when i click it to turn it on or off or to hit it.
  • I have bought 2 in the past week because they just stop working! I charge them thinking that the batteries may be dead but still got nothing! Feeling very frustrated especially when you are trying to show and share with people and it won't work.
  • I just purchased the Ego T Kit Yesterday,  so I had 2 one for me and my partner.. My Partners is working great.. but I just finished charging my battery, As it was doing the blinking.. thought it was locked so I tried the unlock and nothing..  most of the time I can't even get the second battery to blink at all..    It is very frustrating.. how one works and the other doesn't..  Frown
    • I'm sorry to hear about that, Elizabeth! Please contact our customer service department and they will be happy to help take care of you! [email protected]
  • im goin threw the same thing...and im starting to think they are nothing but flukes...ijs...
  • i fixed it....lol...yiiiiiiiiiiiiippy...lol...gotta have patience...Smile
  • I just brought my egot and it dont work foe crap
  • My hookah pen just stopped working ive only had it for like 4 days now ans it wont turn onFrown
    • Kiley,
      Contact our customer service team and they can help you fix it or replace it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will take great care of you!
  • I have a defective battery I just received my e cig today, I watched the video and tried all the steps and still not working.
  • My e cig battery stop working too. I was told that if I go to the website and let th know and tell them what happend they could give me a new battery? How do I get in contact to try and get a new one?
  • I just got my battery in the mail today. It will not charge or turn on. I tried the trouble shoot and nothing... I think mine is faulty
  • I have bought 3 different batteries, all working wonderfully at first.  My latest battery worked fine until yesterday, the extra that I had before also worked fine.  Now my oldest (and by oldest it's only about 2 weeks old) just blinks and blinks when connected to my tank, and will not vaporize at all.  I've noticed that the charger to it doesn't seem to charge it anymore, even though it comes on, but the battery light blinks then goes off when I'm trying to charge it.  Battery number two (about 3 or so days old) worked fine until yesterday evening.  Now it no longer will vaporize my oil.  I have replaced the wick in my tank, cleaned it thoroughly, checked the pin, and checked for possible fuzz or anything preventing a good connection with my tank.  I love to vap.  Haven't had a cigarette in 2 months now, but I cannot afford to keep buying tanks and batteries.  There has to be something that is going on, or this product is just extremely crappy as far as it's construction is concerned.I would really appreciate some help
  • I'm not quite sure what type of battery I have but it uses a USB cable not the twist kind. Anyways, when I go to charge it, all it does is blink red when I move the charger around. I have used many chargers and none work. I don't know if my battery is broken or what but if I could please get help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!.
  • My e cig only blinks 8 times anytime we have tried to use it. It blinks 8 times when we plug it in too. Any ideas?
    • Hmmm, not sure, Jeff. Did you contact our customer service department? They can help you through it. [email protected]
  • I have a EGO battery that was just replaced, it worked great on day 1, day 2 i woke up and it is no longer producing much vapor, i opened it up and peeked into the atomizer to and i hear crackling but the coil no longer burns red...it just crackles and a small vapor comes out. would alcohol cleaning on the atomizer be adviced to see if it helps? Also when i put my battery on the charger it blinks 3 times, when i remove the battery..it blinks 6 times...i could find zero reference to what 6 blinks means. any help would be appreciated.
  • Thanks for the help, just bought mine, it has a light on it that was working but not sending out vapes.... I looked at this sight and did all the following, turns out the pin was a bit off, I smacked the battery on my coffee table just barely and it started working again! So thanks very much!
  • I just bought my eGo-T and it is not turning on. I tried everything on your video and still working. I havent even used it yet because it wont turn on. Please help me.
  • I bought my ego-t less then a week ago, it was working great, but it wont charge at all now. i left it charging all night the charger was green, but then i go to hit it and now the blue light on the pen wont stop blinking. i have tried everything in the videos above. i think the battery is gone, but i bought it 5 days ago. any solutions?
  • I just purchased 2 ego-t batteries and this morning I plugged one into the usb charger on my laptop. About 20 minutes into charging it EXPLODED like a roman candle. The flame ball shot 10 feet across the room, bounced off the corner of the wall and came back at me another 10 feet. In the process, it burned a hole in the arm on my recliner, left black trails on the wall, came back and burned a 2nd recliner and melted a large area of the carpet and ruined a blanket while trying to put the fire out.. I'm glad my grandkids weren't sitting next to me.
  • Activation! Did not come with this instruction... Thank you thank you!!!
  • Wow
    From all of these reviews/complaints I'll be sure no NEVER order from here!!
    • Hi there, we do not manufacturer this product. eGo-T ecigs are one of the biggest sellers on the market, so we are simply supplying a demand. We also happily replace any broken parts or items that don't work upon arrival. No matter who you order from, these problems will be relevant. But we really appreciate your feedback!
  • I have an eGo-t and it isn't really vaping. It will crackle and give hardly any vapor for 2-3 hits and then nothing. I used it for about 2 months with no issues and then I got pregnant and stopped. It hadn't been used in 13 months until I pulled it out a few days ago.
  • raw
    Ill click the button once nd the led light blinks 3 times nd won't stay on what does that mean
    • That usually means that you need to charge your battery.
  • i bought a ego-w 3 days ago and it keeps blinking a red light and when i go to charge it the charger light is always green i don't think its charging this is really frustrating and really pissing me off
  • My e-cig battery will not work. I tried all the steps to fix it a few times and it still wont work!
  • I buught the ego t battery and used it for a backup when my primary battery died i could have one charged, well my ego t backup broke, i screw the atty on and the light blinks until i take the atty off the battery it works fine until i try and use it
  • Mine wasn't working either. Tried all of the above. Think the actual fix was that I had the battery screwed in too tight. Derrrrrr
  • I've bought 3 egoT rechargable hookah pens. They worked great for 2 weeks then stopped producing vapor, won't charge and 1 won't stay connected to my tank anymore. I've tried all there suggestions and still nothing. I've spent over $70 not including oils and i feel like i've been ripped off. I also sent an email and i'm awaiting a response. As much as i'd hate to go back to cigarettes it seems like my only choice:-(
    • Hi Ashley. Don't give up, yet! Honestly, the eGo-T brand is the lowest level of e-cig batteries. They are like cheap alcohol, they kind of get the job done, but there are MUCH better ways to do it! Here is a link to all of our e-cig batteries. Read some reviews, and pick one that is higher quality. I promise they will be way better.
  • I bought mine from woodshark in aurora Colorado today and it won't work woodshark says I have to contact you guys to get it resolved
    • Hi Devin. We are not the manufacturer. We just sell them as a retailer. You will need to take it up with whomever you purchased it from.
  • I charged my ego T all night. Now, it just blinks and won't work at all. When I place it back on the charger, it blinks 3 times then stops. The red light doesn't even come on. When I try to twist it onto my tank, it just blinks like it's not charged but it won't charge. It's only 2 days old. heeellpppp
    • Did you order it from us, Brittany? If so, please contact our customer service representatives, and we'll help you get one that works. If not, then please contact your retailer and they should replace it for you.
  • My hookah pen tastes like burnt plastic.. I thought maybe it was the flavor so I changed it but it still tastes like burnt plastic
  • I just bought mine today and the charger wont screw on to my battery??
    • Hmmm, that's strange for sure! Please contact our customer service representatives and they will happily help you. The best way is to chat in, or you can email at [email protected]
  • Jai
    My vape pen coil won't screw back on
    • Hi Jay, we'd love to help you but we need a lot more information. Please contact our customer service department at [email protected]
  • when i plug my pen in to charge. it blinks the normal 3 times but then rapidly blinks like 15 times, and turns off. so its not charging. i just bought it a week ago because my last one stopped working
  • I cant get smoke out of my ego im getting pissed someone help please
  • Bought mine last week. No problems so far. Charge light does stay solid red all the time but it is charging. Had it die once. Question: How long should I let it charge without over charging. I know this can hurt the battery.
    • We haven't heard too many complaints about over charging. I'd say that it will be fully charged within 2 hours, so no need to leave it on longer than that.
  • Just got my EGo and cannot make it work at all! When charging the charger is green and the bettery constantly blinking blue, but when when I take it off from the charger blue light never appears, no matter how many times I push it! Please help!!!
  • Cj
    Bought mine 3 days ago just blinks 8 times and does nothing... Any idea?
  • I just bought one today, and when i press it 5 times its not even flashing any light or something any idea?
    • Is it charged? If not, it may be faulty and you should get it replaced.
  • I just got my ego T and the first day it worked fine but when it came down to its first charge the charger light is always green when connected, but if I try to use the vap it just flashes 5 times but won't work. What's wrong with it?
  • I have a great idea.  How about your customer service team starts monitoring this message board!  Then instead of referring EVERY question about your product, we can all read and find the answer we are looking for right away.
    • Hi Brian, luckily we do monitor this board Smile Unfortunately, everyone's issues are unique, and there are a wide variety of options available that can help you. Because we like to give everyone one-on-one support, we encourage our customers to contact us directly, so we can find the best answer for your personal issue. Thanks for the feedback, though!
  • I have a problem to were my ecig won't turn on at all even if I have charged it for 8hrs, I don't know what to do about it.
  • I bought this e CIG a few hours ago , I fully charged the battery and the vapors do not want to come out. This is very frustrating because I'm 23 with a son , my biggest thing was to quit smoking ciggerettes but unfortunately reading these blogs and knowing I'm not the one going through this is a big discouragement!!!
  • I have tried all the tips on this video, and whenever I lift the center pin with a paper clip, it just goes back down when I try to charge it. Any tips?
  • Mine just keeps flashing on and off and it doesn't turn off..
  • ..Help...
    my sheshas  light blinks 5  time when ever i press the button...what to do...
    when i keep in charge it blinks 4 times and the light stayes On....
    and the chargers light is green colour ....
    hellp me....
  • Hi..i stumbled across your site when i googled my query.. my e cig/Vape stopped working after one day ( purchased elsewhere) when i went to charge battery on computer ..I have another new one so used that battery to see if it was battery or another problem..Def battery prob so i used your instructions..turned off battery(pressed 5 times) ,got a pin and gently moved battery up and to side a little and put it back together ,turned on battery(pressed 5 times)and voila it works!! Awesome!! Thanks so much..great advice Smile...i realised that when i twisted on to charger i must have done up too tight & pushed battery down.i will have to be careful next charge Smile Thanks again!!
  • just found ur website, i bought one for 20bucks at a dollar store while down at coast as the tank on my atmos crapped out and just a replacement tank in my town was going to be 25 plus tax..the battery was like most others are describing on here, charged fully but no vape so used my atmos battery with the new tank and worked well but as it ran out i thought it would be nice to have a second battery since i paid for it so i tried the banging and the pin poking and no budging like rash above.  then finally took off the atmos one from my new tank and saw the centre pin is about 3mm higher so i got out my teeny screwdriver set for my computer and used the smallest straight edge slowly edging it up the tube (with the battery turned off of course) for about 3-4 min til it was only a few mm from the top then screwed on the tank (close but not completely tight) and like tash again. voila.  thank you all for your comments, i am one happy camper Smile
  • For what it's worth- I randomly stumbled on this webpage while looking for ecig battery information. I cannot stop laughing from reading these comments. People keep asking you customer service questions, and you keep patiently repeating that you're not the customer service department, and people keep asking you customer service questions, and so on. Thank you for the laugh. You guys have fantastic customer service skills!
  • Ive had my Ego-T for a month and its not charging anymore tried to fix the pin cleaned the thread all that and still wont charge

    My Logic lasted 8 months before it dudded out and this thing cant even last a month? What a waste!
  • My e battery was not charging right, I would plug it in and it usually turns red when it starts charging, but the light was staying green on the charger and my battery would blink like usual and then it would blink more and shut off. I did the caveman method and smacked it against the hard part of my couch and it actually worked! Thanks for the tips!
  • I had my pen, and overtime it's connected with the atomizer and where the liquid goes it just blinks like 4 times and every time it does the same thing.
  • it is disposable...n smok is not comming what to do
    • It's most likely that the battery is dead or does not have enough power to heat the element enough to produce a thick vapor.
  • So I bought my

    So I bought my E cig and my charger always is green and when ever I take it off  charge it flashes a couple flashes as it is flat. I have only use it once until it died.please help me.