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Turkish Combo Bowl With Coal Carrier Lid


Egyptian Shisha Bowl With Metal Coal Holder

The Turkish Combo Bowl is actually two products in one. The bowl is an unglazed Egyptian shisha bowl, which holds approximately 25g of tobacco. The second item is a metal bowl cover that acts as foil, windcover, and a heat management system! Comes complete with a Mod Bowl Grommet to ensure that your new bowl will fit on almost any hookah.  

Benefits of a Turkish Combo Bowl

- Longer Sessions: each bowl will last approximately 45 minutes longer than your average Egyptian bowl session.

- Less Coal: The superior heat management afforded by the Turkish Combo Bowl allows you to stop fiddling with the coals, which helps them to last longer. - No Foil: No need to deal with foil or poking holes, the Turkish Combo Bowl takes care of that for you.  
Turkish Combo Bowl